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Pro-Stretch Trims International Ltd.


United Kingdom

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China • Vietnam

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Accessories • Fabrics

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Bags & Tents • Bike & Running • Casual • Outdoor • Snow Sports • Team Sport • Water Sports • Workwear • Yoga & Fitness


Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Oekotex Standard 100

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

Pro-Stretch Sustainable trims

Pro-Stretch are responsible, sustainable manufacturers, we can supply a wide range of Sustainable, Recycled and Bio-degradable garment trims and tapes. Including mechanical stretch tapes, waistband and sports bra elastics, knitted mesh and tapes, webbing’s, labels, drawcords and tippings and many more options. Pro-Stretch source the most innovative plant based Bio-degradable materials, including Sorona corn fibre, Bamboo, and Coconut. We can also supply Hemp, Tencel, TPU and Organic cottons.

6 products

10mm Bamboo Carbon fibre trim PSC5545

Composition: 100% BA

85mm round Recycled TPU Heat Transfer & Print PS12361/A/1

Composition: 100% Recycled TPU

35mm Jacquard Elastic with NAIA ™ Renew Yarns PSC7785

Composition: 9% EA, 25% rec. PES, 66% NAIA yarns

5mm round braided drawcord PSC5544

Composition: 100% HA

6mm oval corn fibre drawcord PSC5546

Composition: 10% biob.Nylon, 90% Sorona Corn fibre

7mm black tubular drawcord PSC5542

Composition: 100% Sorona Corn fibre

Pro-Stretch Mechanical Stretch tape

Pro-Stretch patented technology has been extensively developed, and enables rigid tapes/labels to be converted into mechanical stretch products WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS OR LYCRA. This process removes all shrinkage whilst giving 5%-12% stretch. This eliminates puckering and is applied to the garment using the same method as a traditional rigid tape. This is a permanent stretch. Pro-Stretch ground-breaking Super Stretch tape has approximately 20% stretch which is only slightly less than an elastic quality but without the shrinkage.

7 products

Pro-Stretch Elastics

Pro-Stretch can supply a wide range of elastic qualities, producing a signature style and emphasising the brands quality, we can produce printed, branded, striped or plain, the choice is endless. All Pro-Stretch trims are subjected to some of the most rigorous testing in the market. Therefore you have peace of mind that your garment will continue to look good whatever the requirements.

10 products

50mm Embossed Elastic with Silicone Print PS13082/A/1

Composition: 15% EA, 85% rec. PES

35mm Space-dye melange Elastic PSC6327

Composition: 9.13% EA, 21.35% PES, 69.52% rec. PES

24mm Mesh Elastic PSC6935

Composition: 8% EA, 92% PA

36mm Jacquard Elastic PSC7065B

Composition: 12% EA, 52% PA, 36% rec. PES

47mm Monofilament Mesh Elastic PSC6704

Composition: 27% EA, 73% PA

35mm Sublimated Print Elastic PSC6739

Composition: 12% EA, 68% PA, 20% PES

20mm Elastic branded piping PSC7799

Composition: 10% EA, 65% rec. PA, 25% rec. PES

Pro-Stretch Drawcords and Tippings

Pro-Stretch supply many different Drawcord qualities, round, flat, and square are some options to consider. Tipping’s can vary depending on the garments use, we offer excellent quality silicone dipped, metal, plastic and shoelace tips, to name a few. Pro-Stretch can also offer recycled and bio-degradable options to support your sustainable business model. Pro-Stretch can supply great looking and practical drawcords and tippings to finish your garments aesthetic.

6 products

Pro-Stretch Knitted trims

Pro-Stretch produce soft, flexible, stylish and versatile knitted trims to transform your garments. For performance or design, whatever your requirements. From knitted tapes to ribs for collars and cuffs the choice is endless

3 products

Pro-Stretch Reflective trims

Pro-Stretch manufacture and supply Reflective trims, labels, patches, elastics and drawcords. These can be for performance or design. Using a reflective trim can be a cost effective way to add a safety feature to your garments

5 products

14mm Reflective Printed Knit PSR0197B

Composition: 100% PES

20mm Reflective Knit PS9793/B/1

Composition: 100% rec. PES

25mm Reflective Rigid Webbing PS11027/A/1

Composition: 50% rec. PES, 50% Reflective Yarn

Pro-Stretch Embellishments

Pro-Stretch offer a huge variety of Labels, Tabs and Patches, with many application methods. Including Woven, silicone print, deboss, emboss and Heat Transfer labels. We can also supply various hardware options and other garment accessories, including hanger labels, zipper pullers, cord stoppers and fastenings

4 products

70mm x 42mm Holographic TPU patch PSC7415

Composition: 100% TPU

50mm x 70mm Screen Printed Folded Label PS12787/A/1

Composition: 100% rec. PES

75mm x 110mm heat cut woven label PSC5023

Composition: 100% rec. PES

Pro-Stretch Webbing trims

Pro-Stretch manufacture and supply various webbing solutions for your garment accessories. Including Belts, bags, and gym equipment, webbing is a versatile trim suitable for many applications.

3 products

22mm Tubular Lurex Webbing PSC6520

Composition: 100% PES

25mm Sublimated Printed Webbing PSC6523

Composition: 100% PES

20mm striped Webbing PSC6518

Composition: 100% rec. PES

Pro-Stretch Innovative trims

Pro-Stretch Trims International strive to offer the latest innovative products. We search for cutting edge yarn options, that can meet our brands standards, and that we can offer at the best rates. We continually invest in advancing our machining facilities, to ensure we can adapt to meet our brands requirements. Pro-Stretch manufacture many diverse Trims, Tapes, Labels, Drawcords and Tippings, Webbings and other garment solutions, for performance or design.

8 products

40mm Holographic Silicone Print Elastic PSC7787

Composition: 12% EA, 82% PES

30mm Lurex Stitch Rigid with fringe PSC7897

Composition: 100% PES

10mm Rigid Velvet PSC2848

Composition: 100% PA

5mm UV Reactive & Reflective Drawcord PSC6663

Composition: 50% PES, 30% rec. PES, 20% Reflective Yarn

10mm Heat Reactive Colour Change Rigid PSC6329

Composition: 98.25% PES, 1.75% rec. PES

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United Kingdom

Production in

China • Vietnam

Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Oekotex Standard 100
Labels · Patches Transfers Trims Tapes
Anti-Odor Printable Reflective / High Visible Stretch Waterproof & Breathable Flame Retardant
Recycled Biodegradable Natural Fibers
Company profile

Pro-Stretch Trims International are sustainable manufacturers, specialising in sport, fitness, fashion, lifestyle and outdoor trims.
Pro-Stretch manufacture trims, tapes, labels and garment accessories in Southern China and Vietnam.
We supply sustainable trim solutions, for sportswear, gymwear, leisurewear and many other garment apparel companies.
Pro-Stretch supply elastics, knits, webbings, drawcords and tips, and labels, as well as our patented technology mechanical stretch products, and our innovative ‘Super Stretch’ tape.


The Old Coach House, Lower Marton Farm, Davenport lane
SK11 9HW Macclesfield
United Kingdom

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