April 2018


Company: A. Sampaio & Filhos Têxteis, S.A.
Product: 64497 - Seaqual

64497 Seaqual™ is the winner of April 2018’s ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD, as it combines high fabric standards with a completely new approach to sustainable, recycled fibres.

A. Sampaio, the innovative knitter from Portugal, has developed the award-winning fabric construction. The highly sustainable fabric is extremely functional, prepared for sports or athleisure. The fine organic cotton provides a natural look and a modern approach. It is very comfortable and its interesting weight makes it suitable for various applications.

The fabric is very sustainable as the polyester comes from recycled PES certified by Seaqual™, developed together with the filament spinner Antex. Both are exhibitors at PERFORMANCE DAYS in April 2018. By collecting waste at the bottom of the sea and recycling it into yarn, they are able to prevent the degradation of plastic into harmful microplastic. The whole supply chain around Seaqual™ is located in a restricted geographical area with the advantage of short distances to lower the environmental impact. This is a contribution to help cleaning the oceans – with the idea that mankind must act and start to pay back to nature what it receives from it. Together, A. Sampaio, Seaqual™ and Antex have managed to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

November 2017


Company: Pontetorto
Product: 8852 M "Biopile"

Pontetorto Item 8852 M, aptly named "Biopile", is the winner of the ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD, since it is, in all probability, the very first fleece pile that does not release microplastics. This makes it a more sustainable solution for rivers, lakes, and oceans.

The brushed inner side of the fabric is 100% Tencel from Lenzing and is not made of polyester (like other fleece products). Tencel is a biodegradable fibre – even in salt water! Consequently, if the tiniest of fleece particles separate when washed, they decompose in less than a year without any residue or risk to any living creatures. The fabric, which is currently offered in three grades, is the latest highlight from the Pontetorto Eco-System family.

The smooth exteriors use 100% (recycled) polyester. "Biopile" combines all the advantages of a highly functional fabric with environmental protection as Tencel is a natural functional fibre. It exhibits very good climate control and moisture transport properties and is also the first fibre certified as biodegradable in sea water.

April 2017


Company: Global Merino
Product: GM 1754

What a great approach to the production as well as for the end-of-life of the fabric - a real win-win contribution for protecting the environment and conserving resources! The California company Global Merino wins this season's ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD.

The winning fabric “GM 1754” is made from 64% polyester and 36% merino and, despite its being a blend, is categorized as biodegradable. Special polyester used in the fabric makes this possible. In addition to being made from recycled PET, it decomposes much faster than conventional polyester.

The fibres are tested under the standards of ASTM D5511 for "Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials" (decomposition in the absence of oxygen). The result: The merino wool used is 26% decomposed after 149 days; over the same period, the polyester fibre from CiClO when used as a staple fibre is at 20.7% or as a filament yarn already at 17.6%. Something to compare: A virgin polyester fabric will only decompose a maximum of 4% after 991 days; while a fabric made from polyester supplied by CiClO can already reach 78% degradation in that time!

November 2016

In November 2016 the best innovations came out of Italy! Imbotex presented the insulation "TWINS" which does not merely hold the warmth, but applies intelligent technology to create heat on demand. The "ECO HYBRID" from Pontetorto represents not only a sophisticated and highly functional jacquard hybrid with different zones – it is entirely produced with absolutely sustainable methods. 


Company: Imbotex
Product: TWINS


Company: Pontetorto
Product: ECO HYBRID - 8831/EARTH

In November 2015, two great products found their way to the PERFORMANCE JURY - one making an impact when it comes to flexible designs, the other taking a new look at sustainable raw material, uniting natural function, and handfeel.

April 2016


Company: Toyota Tsusho
Product:    GPE8030P2R

April 2016 PERFORMANCE DAYS marked "RECYCLED? - Challenges & Opportunitites" as the Focus Topic of the fair, and with this topic came a great product from a new exhibitor: Toyota Tsusho presented an eco friendly product that promises no compromise for the enduser.

November 2015


Company: YKK Europe
Product:    SOFLEX®


Company: Flocus
Product:    FLGS-SJ-14

April 2015


Company: Penn Textile Solutions GmbH
Product:    14533

April 2015 marked the KickOff for Spring/Summer 2017 - and a promising bike season with Penn Textile Solution's gripper technology integrated in the warp-knit fabric.

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