The origin of the project

PERFORMANCE COLORS where launched in April 2016 as a cooperation project between PERFORMANCE DAYS and the renowned, Munich-based designer Nora Kühner. Nora Kühner leads a team of internationally well-known designers when preparing the forecast of the season two years in advance, identifying 36-40 trend colors and creating the color moods for the respective season.

Just like PERFORMANCE DAYS, PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner is presented twice a year. The trend color card can be purchased exclusively during the fair and will be complemented by the digital E-Magazine a few weeks after the fair. The digital E-Magazine spins the moods and themes of the season, giving an inspirational insight in the trends of tomorrow!

Thanks to DyStar/CSI the color card features the one of a kind color fastness guide! The light and washing fastnessess for Polyester, Cotton, and Polyamide 6 are printed on the backside of the paper color swatches. For further info and the textile swatches, as well as the color recipe, DyStar/CSI can be contacted directly.

With the launch of PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner, PERFORMANCE DAYS once more proved to set high standards when it comes to service - all exhibitors of the respective event get one copy of the printed trend color swatches for free, imrpvoing the color language between producer and customer!

You are interested in the story behind the PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner?

Nora Kühner always presents the idea of the PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner at the functional fabric fair in Munich two times a year in April/May and November. Listen to the past presentations and be curious for the upcoming presentation of the PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner.


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