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You are about to start your own apparel brand! Or you might have already done the first steps and now you just need to bring your horsepowers on the road.
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The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

Dealing With Uncertain Times – Your Questions Answered

In this episode, Ana& Klas have gathered all the questions that they have received from you, that are all centered around the Covid-19 situation, and they give you their input to guide you through these times.

Digital Material Sourcing, Innovative Materials & Sustainability

PERFORMANCE DAYS had the honor to chat with Ana & Klas Kristiansson of Apparel Entrepreneurship about the fair, the adjustment on moving online during these challenging times when people can’t physically be at a fair. They also talked about the upcoming innovative materials and sustainability.

Put on your headphones and listen to this very inspiring conversation.

How To Maximize Your Sourcing Fair Visit

In this episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurs podcast, the talk is about sourcing more specifically: How to maximize your sourcing fair visit.



STEP 1 - THE COURSE: Learn the fundamentals of an apparel business and how to launch a successful clothing brand with Apparel Entrepreneurship proven 6-step success path framework.


STEP 2 - THE MASTERCLASS: Run and scale a successful and profitable brand with the tools, templates, supplier & manufacturer databases, and support from Apparel Entrepreneurship. The membership is a perfect CONTINUATION of the course.

Color Trends & Fastness Guide

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