Collaboration between Falmouth University & PERFORMANCE DAYS

It is with huge excitement then that PERFORMANCE DAYS and Falmouth University present the Fusion Textile Experience, a collaboration set to re-address the platform from which Industry and Academia invest in the future. Involving a number of the key global performance textile suppliers, a group of third year students were provided with the infrastructure and support to explore how the latest thinking in textiles can be applied and developed for the rapidly changing sportswear market.

Please visit the exhibition in the area of Bar 3 and enjoy the work and ideas on display.


Exhibitor List November 2018

Becker Tuche GmbH & Co. KG
Mega Master Technology Co., Ltd.
Designer Textiles Int.
BSG Co., Ltd.
J&B Intl'l Hi-Tech Textile & Garment Supply Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Shenli Enterprise Co., Ltd.