Become an orator

PERFORMANCE DAYS is always looking for interesting topics and experts who want to share their knowledge and become an orator. Your contribution can take the form of a expert talk, guided tour and even a workshop facilitator.

Expert Talks

… aim to inform the audience about the latest topics in the categories: fabrics, trends, technology, and sustainability. The PowerPoint presentations are meant to be informative and not used for a company or product presentation. The expert talks take place in the expert talksarea that is equipped with: computer, beamer, screen, seats. Depending on the topic, the audience size is normally between 20-160 people.
All expert talks are in English, last around 45 minutes, and will be published on the website, facebook + twitter, in mailings as well as in the printed fair catalogue. The expert talks are recorded as audio-files during the fair to be published online in the expert talks archive afterwards.

Guided Tours

… aim to be interactive throughout the fair to give people practical tour of various topics. The expert meets the group at a meeting point and guides the members through the fair from one to the next booth explaining certain knowledge in cooperation with the fair exhibitors or organizers. No PowerPoint is needed. Depending on the topic the group size averages 4-40 people.
All guided tours are in English and last around 30 minutes. Anyone providing an interesting and new topic is able to offer a guided tour and they are often offered by freelancers. Guided tours will be published on the website, facebook + twitter, and in mailings as well as in the printed fair catalog.


…aim to inform your customers about all kinds of critical issues occurring in the industry and give you the opportunity to answer all the familiar individual questions in one compact workshop session. The concept is ideal for companies who offer products and services that need in-depth explanation. The workshops take place in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where you can take the time to focus on your potential customers and show them that you are the right supplier for their needs.

You decide how many workshops you want to hold, the duration, topic, and if you want to hold them on one or both of the fair days. Your workshop is published on the website, facebook + twitter, in mailings as well as in the printed fair catalog.

Please contact Lisa Lechner for available workshop rooms and prices.

You want to give a presentation?
You want to guide a tour?
You want to organize a workshop?

Please send us an E-Mail with the following information:

  • Title of the presentation/guided tour/workshop
  • Orator’s name, position, company
  • 2-3 sentences about the orator
  • 1 photo (or brand logo for workshops) in high-resolution!
  • 3-5 sentences about the subject
  • After the fair: the PPT as pdf-file (max. 60MB)
    (only for presentations)

Exhibitor List December 2021

Trenchant Textiles
Pisa Tekstil A.Ş.
Green Threads Inc.
Hoba Textile Co., Ltd.
Craftevo / V&A Japan Corp.
H-OneTex Co., Ltd.