Ute´s favorites: PERFORMANCE FORUM


First hand information by the jury members! You get to know which material the individual jury members would integrate into their collection and why. The favorites can be request as sample at the DIGITAL FAIR.


Ute: "I loved the variety of natural fibers & blends with surprising look and extremely nice hand-feel! Anti odor, thermo-regulation, quick dry and UV cut are achieved without adding any chemical. Many exceptional fabrics score with well-being properties by embedding natural ingredients in the yarns. Especially, I liked the microplastic-free summer fleeces - often a mix of warming wool with cooling Tencel, non-itchy cotton or hemp."

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Exhibitor List April 2020

Lenzing AG
Fone-Tai Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Ebner Media Group
Polartec, LLC
Bemis Associates Inc.
Retex Textile Co., Ltd.