Smart Textiles Virtual Tour presented by TTF


Taiwan Textile Federation proudly presents to you the global megatrends that will shape the textile industry in the post pandemic era, namely Smart Textiles!

In a virtual tour, 7 prestige textile firms from Taiwan will be talking about how their most cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable solutions can benefit people in healthcare, sports and fashion. Sign up for this amazing free tour until November 4th and receive valuable info about:

Healthcare: Built in biometric sensors in smart clothing combined with big data will be able to assist in monitoring health status of infants and elderly people to provide them 24/7 home health care.

Sports: Smart clothing is already helping top athletes by implementing effective training programs through accurately collecting their physical status during training. As smart clothing becomes more prevalent in everyday life, more people can utilize it to achieve their exercise goals

Fashion: Smart clothing plays an important role in fashion by merging styles and technology together without sacrifice comfort and looks. A smart jacket can automatically heat itself and provide you the much needed warmth during winter or keep you cool during hot summer! With the use of LED technology and automatic sensors, it can keep you from harm’s way by illuminating you at night.

Click the link and fill in your contact info to participate in this amazing virtual tour until November 4th and receive valuable PowerPoint presentations!

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