The PERFORMANCE AWARD December 2020 are chosen!

Congratulation to the winners!

Merryson CorporationT11430: Robust, sustainable and trend-setting

Merryson Corporation sets new standards in the workwear sector with a blend of 6% cotton, 15% polyester and 79% recycled polyester. The recycled PET fibre content is even biodegradable. By means of a completely new technique, the company has succeeded in developing an innovative, placed jacquard with integrated 3D boxes. The completely new 3D knitting technology is innovative, trend-setting and, due to the robust, resistant properties of the weaving technique, ideally suited for the workwear sector. As required, this construction can be used in various colour variations optimally for the entire outdoor sector.


drirelease470-21002: Sustainable climate management at its best

In the production of the 100% organic cotton fibre (weight: 315 grams), drirelease focuses on the wearing comfort of cotton combined with the function of synthetic fibres. The ADAPT technology ensures enhanced, more balanced climate management due to the natural phase change material. Its unique and bio-based microencapsulated material – verified by ECOCERT - reacts to changes in body temperature to maintain balanced comfort. In warmer temperatures, ADAPT guarantees a cooling of the body temperature, and in colder climate, the material returns heat to the body. The fabric dries faster, has a soft, natural feel, is pilling-resistant and colourfast. This makes the material suitable for a wide range of applications, such as sportswear, leisure wear, workwear or sportive fashion.

November 25, 2020

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