functional fabric fair USA

powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS® is the premier marketplace in the United States where apparel CEOs, designers and product development executives source the most current innovations in high performance functional fabrics, finishes, trims and accessories from a carefully curated selection of fabric mills and branded technology companies—all presented in a sustainable/minimal waste exhibition.

July 20/21 2020: New York City
Nov 18/19 2020: Portland, Oregon

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  • Exhibitor Recommendations Programs
    Led by our team of textile experts who will help recommend the right suppliers based on the individual sourcing needs of each designer/apparel executive.

    A highly curated platform, designed to introduce and showcase the latest textile and accessory innovations and trends.

  • Expert Talks
    Presented by internationally renowned apparel influencers and included with your complimentary registration.

  • Zero waste exhibits
    through the use of bio-degradable, recycled and reusable materials.

  • Free entry for trade fair visitors
    The admission to the fair is free! Participation is also free for the complete program, wardrobe service, shuttle between the metro and the fair location in addition to the the copy of the fair catalog.

Exhibitor List April 2020

Polygiene AB
Singtex® Industrial Co., Ltd.
A Plus Chan Chia
Taiwan Taffeta Fabric Co., Ltd.
Clo Insulation
Franz Barta GmbH