Visitor Testimonials

The reviews from our visitors of PERFORMANCE DAYS functional fabric fair can be found here. Want to say something about PERFORMANCE DAYS and be added to the list of videos? Write an E-Mail to and the Team will get in contact with you.

October 2023: "So we've been coming to PERFORMANCE DAYS for over 10 years now. It's the most important show of the year for me by a long way. It's such an exciting place to learn about new technologies, get inspiration for future collections and meed an amazing community."

Graeme Raeburn
Lead Designer

March 2023: “It's the best place on the calendar to find all we need in terms of materials and trims, to connect and reconnect with people in the industry, to learn about new developments, to find new developments, to talk about sustainability and the issues of building apparel in the Modern Age.”

Tim Maud
Innovation & Sustainability Manager for Apparel

March 2023: “I've been coming to the PERFORMANCE DAYS for almost 10 years. It's great to come here. [...] I get to see all my fabric suppliers in one spot, i can arrange many meetings and it's super efficient, i love it.”

Rebekah Ziegner
Senior Materials Manager
Canada Goose

Nov 2022: “PERFORMANCE DAYS in my opinion is THE ultimate ingredient sourcing show. So, in other words if you are a fabric nerd, this is Nirvana.”

Charles Ross
Lecturer in Performance Sportswear Design
Royal College of Art

Nov 2022: “Coming here is like coming home. It is a very dedicated audience, the people are really interested in the topic of sustainable fabrics."

Anna Rodewald
Freelance consultant

April 2022: This is my 6th PERFORMANCE DAYS show. I have been loving it every year, i think it is the free eminent fabric development platform for my team. As a performance company we are always looking for the latest and greatest and this is our platform to find it.

Chad Leeder
Senior Teamhead Fabric Development Apparel

April 2022: What is special about PERFORMANCE DAYS is the industry feels so small and so close and it is really nice to be back here at PERFORMANCE DAYS. I think having all the different suppliers and all the different vendors back in one place again is really motivating and inspiring.

Ruth Sullivan
Senior Developer Material Management

April 2022: I really like the concept because it is so familiar and the size of the show is not too big, you don't have to run around from meeting to meeting all the time. It is more like a meet and greet and you still have the time for professional meetings. As it is focused on performance and sustainability it is my favorite show, which always leaves me full of ideas.

Sandra Ellinger
Fabric Manager

April 2022: The special part of PERFORMANCE DAYS to me is, that it is very very efficient. That all the functional/performance suppliers and companies are all here in one place. Listening to Expert Talks, seeing the FORUM, meeting the suppliers and seeing the materials in the same time is the perfect combination in one place.

Allen Liu
Director Materials - Apparel & Footwear / Outdoor

Nov 2019: PERFORMANCE DAYS has become an essential show for the Carhartt Sourcing and Product teams. The show is curated and focused on providing performance solutions for our consumers. PD is a show where you are able to collaborate, create and innovate. There is no other show like it.

Ryan Meyer
Director of Global Product Merchandising

Nov 2019: I am very satisfied. The organization of PERFORMANCE DAYS is really great! Very friendly staff, many amazing exhibitors, great expert talks, free snacks and drinks, 24/7 sourcing, and free entry for visitors! I can only praise the clear positive statement regarding sustainability in the fashion industry. Keep it up!

Alexandre Assoune

May 2019: I first visited the fair in 2015 and since then, every time. It is possible to stay focused on suppliers having high quality meetings; size is perfect, timing is aligned with textile business calendar, exhibitors cover all textile ranges and sources. Being not an overcrowded fair, it is possible to walk around easily.

Gianluca Accardi
Junior Fabrics R&D

May 2019: PERFORMANCE DAYS is THE show to catch up with the latest trends of performance fabric developments as well as the state of the art of the industry. It’s definitely the best place to keep in touch with business contacts, in a familiar and easy working atmosphere.

Baljinder Miles
Teamhead Apparel Materials

Nov 2018: It's THE fair for functional fabric sourcing, exploring innovations&trends in fabric developments. The choice of exhibitors, the organization&the program are very professional. In a familiar working atmosphere you meet contacts from the outdoor&sports industry from the entire world. I’m happy about the relocation to Messe München which reflects the size&the high level of professionalism the fair has reached.

Ralf Bärwald
Fabric Manager
Helly Hansen

Nov 2018: This changing of PERFORMANCE DAYS to Munich Fair is absolutely perfect. You kept the concept and structure very clear. The dimension still offers perfect and easy working and fortunately you did not lose the nearly familiar atmosphere!

Heidrun Sander
Leitung Qualitätssicherung
Löffler GmbH

Nov 2018: This is our second time at PERFORMANCE DAYS and we are very satisfied with our visit not just because we have found nice fabrics and trimmings to develop our product but also because the organization and people involved in this trade fair are very kind and professional. This is a small but very well focused event with very good infrastructure and exhibitors - we will come back.

David Monserrat Calopa
Sales & Product Manager

Nov 2018: Since many years I am visiting PERFORMANCE DAYS and always keep this important meeting as one of the best trend reference for fabrics and technologies. I usually attend both editions, spring and winter to be sure to never loose any issue about what is innovative and save. It is very important for a technical brand to ensure to our customers the best solutions we can find in the market.

Barbara Laganà
Product Manager

Nov 18: PERFORMANCE DAYS convinced from the first trade show with the familiar atmosphere and the incredible commitment. Whether at the festival hall in Aschheim or the ski jump hall in Stockholm, the early venues were not designed to host such fairs, but, the fairs were always successful and acknowledged as a highlight for the industry. PERFORMANCE DAYS provides a personal atmosphere and an outstanding work platform.

Sven Köhler
Head of Production

April 2018: I like the PERFORMANCE DAYS because the fair is very focused and not that big. We find a good selection of interesting suppliers for the outdoor segment. It is a good working atmosphere!

Daniela Schürmann
Material-, Productmanagement

April 2018: PERORMANCE DAYS is absolutely the most important show of the year for me. A brilliant mix of inspiration, education, and quality performance sourcing in a relaxed setting.

Graeme Raeburn
Performance Director
Christopher Raeburn

April 2018: I have participated in PERFORMANCE DAYS the last 3 years. The fair is a perfect place to meet both brands & suppliers in one location. The timing is great for seasonal planning and close follow up. It is a good atmosphere for maintaining existing and creating new contacts. There is a good atmosphere for working and the fair is well arranged. I always look forward to spending these days in Munich to attend PERFORMANCE DAYS!

Kenneth Rønne Jensen
Supply Chain Director
Spectre A/S

April 2018: We are visitors of PERFORMANCE DAYS since the very beginning and are always very satisfied about the focusing we are able to achieve. The fair has the right size to be visited in two days, most of the exhibitors are our suppliers, the atmosphere is familiar and makes you feel part of a big community of friends. The timing is perfect to define our choices and to source what fits to “last moment ideas".

Anna Barni

April 2018: We are visitors of PERFORMANCE DAYS since a lot of years. Every time we are fascinated about the innovative exhibitors and the news. For us, our brand and our products, PERFORMANCE DAYS is very important. 90 % of our products are made by fabrics and accessories that we found and ordered at PERFORMANCE DAYS.

Giacomo Casale
CEO / Product Manager
Alpex GmbH and Alvivo

Nov 2017: I joined this fair 10 years ago right from the beginning and it is a solid part of my business life to visit 2 times a year. The place is convenient and compact sized what feels like coming home each time. That the owners of the fair have a lot of supplier and textile knowledge makes me feel in good hands where I can learn and get good hints about the industry news. Also a good chance to meet people from all over the world.

Baris Araz
Fabric Manager Apparel
Jack Wolfskin

Nov 2017: PERFORMANCE DAYS is definitely the go to show for performance fabrics. It provides us with a great opportunity to meet existing and new suppliers in a focused environment. We also value the ability to receive updates on new performance trends and sustainability issues through the PERFORMANCE FORUM, presentations and workshops.

Julie Gretton
Director Business Transformation I OUTDOOR

Nov 2017: PERFORMANCE DAYS is a great opportunity to see the right partners in one place at the same time. It’s a nice and compact fair and because of only two days, everybody tries to be as efficient as possible. As a new start-up brand in the outerwear market, it is great to meet new suppliers and talk about future opportunities. Looking forward to next year!

Chris Westen
Product - Co-Founder
Open Wear

Nov 2017: PERFORMANCE DAYS is a great possibility to see our worldwide producers. It is the perfect time as we start conceptualizing the new season and the exhibitors can show us their innovations. Another highlight is meeting new manufacturers with their barnd-new fabric technologies. Even though there are loads of exhibitors, it's not an overcrowded fair – the atmosphere is familiar which makes it worth an annual visit!

Carina Gailler
Product Design and Development

Nov 2017: For me, it was the first time I visited PERFORMANCE DAYS. It is very interesting and focused. Wide selection of suppliers. I especially liked the Forum. It gives a quick look on new stuff, and it was displayed very nicely.

Efrat Michman
Creative Director

Nov 2017: I think PERFORMANCE DAYS is a great sourcing fair, the size and the number of exhibitors make it easy to move in a relaxed and professional atmosphere, finding innovative fabrics and trimmings. For me, it suits very good on our requirements and expectations and also the dates are perfect according to our collections schedule.

Sara Soler
Senior Apparel Designer

April 2017: Performance Days is the best organized fabric/outdoor trade show I've ever attended - everything from the website, to the Store Check Guide, to the Performance Forum made it easy to get the most out of my time in Munich and to quickly identify key trends and fabrics. The timing, size of the show, and range of exhibitors also made it easy to connect with both existing and new suppliers. Extremely well put together and I look forward to returning!

Jon Beane
Product Manager

April 2017: We have been visiting Performance Days for many times, and love the well-curated and industry focussed atmosphere, with the presence of a wide range of suppliers. Fortunately, also the aspect of eco-sustainability gains relevance, which is a core focus for our brand.

Arendt van Deyk
Co-Founder & Managing Director

April 2017: April 2017 was our first visit to Performance Days, and it will be a integral part of our sourcing moving forward.  The show pairs an intimate atmosphere with the best suppliers in the world.  The pure product focus and relaxed atmosphere make for perfect interactions between brands and suppliers.

Will Watters
Western Rise

April 2017: PERFORMANCE DAYS is absolutely resourceful in terms of locating the newest tech fabrics and latest innovations for technical apparel. Its main advantage, comparing to the other fairs, is its focus and practicality. The choice of exhibitors and the allocation of spaces enables to use the time in the most efficient way possible, within the 2 days. We always come out of the show with new suppliers and lots of inspiration!

Yasemin Ors

April 2017: Performance Days has a fantastic range of innovations within sustainability. Especially in the fields of natural tech and new sustainable materials.

Nicole Zethelius
Innovation & Sustainability Lead

April 2017: Performance Days stands for an easygoing and concentrated working atmosphere combined with a perfect time schedule for fabric developments. A good platform to meet well-known and new suppliers.

Martina Jorritsma
Product Manager Apparel

November 2016: I think Performance Days is a fantastic platform for innovative fabrics and components. I love this fair because it allows the brands to meet very specialized suppliers in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Its size is perfect to stay concentrate in a few meetings and get fruitful results.

Francesco Taboga
Senior Fabrics R&D
OberAlp S.p.a. - Italy

November 2016: Performance Days is a great show that we enjoy coming to every season as it is small, but much focused, and gives us the possibility to meet up with many vendors in a short time. The timing is also perfect and well aligned with our seasonal calendar. The presentations at the show are very good and pass on valuable information and create good opportunities for healthy discussions.

Ellen Andersen
Fabric Manager
Helly Hansen AS

November 2016: Performance days is now a “Must Visit” calendar event for the technical clothing industry! We at Blackyak value this platform as a perfect working and development tool. This informative trade fair allows our team to check colour trend's, textile and trim developments.

David Randall
European Design Director
Blackyak Co Ltd

November 2016: We found the exhibitors, products and technologies on show at Performance Days to be refined and concise, perfect for our industry. A great fair to meet suppliers, discuss capabilities and opportunitites for development.

Adele Walters
Head of Design & Product Development
ADA Pty Ltd

November 2016: Performance Days is the one outstanding platform for functional fabric. This fair allows us to interact with suppliers and customer likewise effectively and focused.

Marcel Geser
founder, co-owner
development never stops llc.

April 2016: Performance Days presents an excellent platform for Chervò because it is focused, technical and fits perfectly in the rhythm of the development of our collections.

Katrin Wiechmann

April 2016: Performance Days brings the important suppliers in sports textiles together on one place. The timing is perfect for sourcing regarding earlier development timelines and enables proactive interactions between brands and suppliers. Also the good atmosphere contributes to professional and effcient meetings.

René Bethmann
Head of Materials
VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

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