Future of Digitalization: Technology Hub showcases current trends

Digital transformation is omnipresent. The increasing demand for individuality and the influence of digitalization are causing significant changes in the textile industry. What key trends must innovation leaders respond to in order to take a leading role in the industry? PERFORMANCE DAYS addresses this with a new platform – the Technology Hub in Hall C1 showcases solutions for digitization processes from companies and manufacturers.


  • In the future, how do 3D clothing and product visualization processes work?

  • How can materials be digitized in a high-quality manner?

  • How advanced is the industry in terms of digital catalog production, and how do designers create their collections on the computer in the future?

Who is on board in March 2024?

The hard- and software products made in Germany are an integral part of 3D clothing and product visualization processes. The easy and efficient handling even allows 3D inexperienced users to digitize materials in a high-quality manner.

DMIx Color Digital GmbH
... sees itself as an expert in the production of digital catalogs for colors, materials, and products. This allows designers to create complete garments on the computer.

Emtec Electronic Expert
… in the development and production of measuring devices, mainly for the paper industry, but also for the nonwoven and textile industries.

... develops, produces, and markets printing solutions for commercial and industrial use in the apparel and textile industries.

PB Accessories
... supplies fashion companies with products such as ribbons, fasteners, or snaps. Meanwhile, the accessories manufacturer provides its product information on various platforms. The company is responsible for the 3D data on the digital sourcing platform The Loop. They will demonstrate the benefits of digital collaborative work on site.

Technology Hub // C1

Exhibitor List March 2024