Reality Zone by Accelerating Circularity

Welcome to Reality Zone: Where Industry Experts Converge!

We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to its fair: Reality Zone, a dedicated space for immersive workshops in collaboration with Accelerating Circularity. Our mission is clear - to continually innovate by partnering with leading organizations, providing visitors and participants with a diverse range of topics and insights.

This spring we present a workshops program in partnership with Accelerating Circularity, a pioneering non-profit organization led by founder Karla Magruder. Based in New York, Accelerating Circularity is driving the transition towards innovative, circular-oriented supply chains and business models. Their focus? Converting used textiles into standard raw materials, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Join us for two days of enlightening workshops, designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking opportunities within the circular supply chain:

Workshop 1: Textile-to-Textile Recycled Polyester Essentials (March 20, 2024)

Delve deep into the future of raw material processing with this morning session. Explore cutting-edge technologies and systems poised to revolutionize the recycling of yarns, fibers, and chips. Our experts will provide invaluable insights into mechanical, thermal-mechanical, and chemical textile-to-textile polyester recycling. Representatives from industry leaders such as Coleo, Tomra, Erema, Valvan, and Andritz will be on hand to guide you through the essentials.

Workshop 2: Unveiling Accelerating Circularity’s Polyester Directory (March 21, 2024)

Discover the latest innovations in recycled polyester sourcing with this afternoon session. Learn how recycled polyester derived from textiles is reshaping the market landscape. Gain access to invaluable information on thermo-mechanical and chemically recycled polyester. Experts from renowned manufacturers including Lycra, Gr3n, Carbios, Antex, and Unifi will be available to address your inquiries.


Together, let's shape a sustainable future at PERFORMANCE DAYS' Reality Zone. Join the conversation, gain invaluable insights, and be a part of the change.


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