Exhibitor Testimonials

Here you can see what others think of us! Reviews from our exhibitors of PERFORMANCE DAYS functional fabric fair. Want to say something about PERFORMANCE DAYS and be added to the list of videos? Write an E-Mail to info@performancedays.com and the Team will get in contact with you.

March 2024: "We find PERFORMANCE DAYS is a really effective and efficient way of us meeting, brand partners, but also meeting potential new brand partners and the quality of visitors of the show is exceptionally high, which means that we can have really good conversations."

Andy Laycock
Brand Director

March 2024: "We are [...] exhibiting at PERFORMANCE DAYS for 10 years already" "The reasons why we are coming back to PERFORMANCE DAYS is [...] that we can meet with our, our partners and with our supply chain in one place." "The efficiency of the trade show is really high related, or in comparison to other trade shows."

Stefan Franke
Product Extension Manager
The Woolmark Company

October 2023: "I love PERFORMANCE DAYS because all the customers and exhibitors here is very experienced, i love to work with experienced persons that make everything very higher efficiency."

Cathy Zhou
Senior Fabric Designer

October 2023: "It is the first time that we come at this show and we are very happy because the footwear industry is approaching the show and going very targeted to something which is B2B oriented"



Marco Guazzoni
Global Sustainability Director

March 2023: “What i especially like about PERFORMANCE DAYS, it's very much focused on exactly these type of materials that we are promoting here. [...] So that's the perfect match between Ventile and PERFORMANCE DAYS.”

Daniel Odermatt
Brand Director

March 2023: “PERFORMANCE DAYS is a very smooth event where we can work very very well together with our customers. [...] We love the way we can stay together with our customers [...] very familiar, it's not only talking shortly about business  it's as well sitting together, have a coffee together and so creating like an ambient.”

Oliver Brandes
Sustainability Manager

Nov 2022: “The format that i like about this show actually is that different to other trade shows they really specialise in offering a mix of educational, of trends, of innovations. So they really offer the full portfolio. ”

Birgit Schnetzlinger
Head of Global BD Functional Wear
Lenzing AG

Nov 2022: “We love to be at PERFORMANCE DAYS. The show is very specified in the performance fabrics [...] and we like to be here because of that .”

Feyzi Arpacioglu
European Business Development Manager

April 2022: We are very proud to be part of the fair since many years and it's awesome to be back. What is specific about PERFORMANCE DAYS is that it is so focused and fully designed for us to meet the people that are creating the apparel of tomorrow.

Eric Yung

April 2022: I like this show because it is focused on fabrics and happening at the right time of the year for the kick-off of our collection. Our clients like to come here, because it is a cozy show with not too many exhibitors.

Alessandro Acuti

December 2021: The Loop for two editions is creating a virtual catalog in which we have possibility to upload and therefore introduce customers to our fabric collection. Also it is very beneficial that customers can look at the fabric compositions and structure without rushing, at his/her convenient time. Since fabrics are virtually visible to a wide audience for a long time, customers can come back at any time and look through our collection again and again.

Sandra Degutienė
Utenos trikotazas

December 2021: We are attending the PERFORMANCE DAYS for years, because it’s a great show to find the potential customers. We are enjoying the digital fair as well, the platform is clear and helpful. We are looking forward to coming back again next time!

Nish Huang

November 2020: We at DyStar see PEFORMANCE DAYS as an excellent opportunity to get in contact with Brands & Retailers. Here we initiate collaborations that will help to make the industry cleaner. The friendly and optimistic atmosphere at the show makes the event an enjoyable experience twice a year.

Bernhard Knoche

November 2019: What I like about the show is that it is – compared to other fairs - compact but with a lot of conversation, a lot of networking possibilities, and a lot of very good discussions with people along the supply chain.

Dr. Timo Hammer

May 2019: What we like about the show, is that it is really focused on fabric and garment sourcing at the right timing: for most of our clients the kick-off for their sourcing discussions just starts at that moment.

Safidah Ullmann

November 2019: We believe PERFORMANCE DAYS is a really good place to show our collection to both outdoor and fashion industry. We have been here three times and have gotten a good feedback. We will continue to do that in the future.

Ding Hongliang

May 2019: We find that PERFORMANCE DAYS is the best place to connect with our customers for the sports, lifestyle and outdoor trade. PERFORMANCE DAYS has become a destination for brands and suppliers to tackle issues such as sustainability. For us the fair is the best place to tell the “sustainability meets performance”-story.

James McKay
Business Development

November 2018: We enjoy coming to PERFORMANCE DAYS because it’s a close community. We can meet our customers in a quiet and productive environment where we can actually spend time discussing developments. We are very much enjoying the new venue, the layout is much more spacious, more professional and increases the traffic flow substantially. We are looking forward to coming back again next time!

Huw Williams
Global Marketing Director

November 2018: PERFORMANCE DAYS is a great opportunity for us… because it is a very intimate show. Here in Munich it starts where we bring concepts to life, so it’s a very good, productive show for us. In the end it’s a show made from the functional fabrics experts for the industry experts and we are very happy to be part of this wonderful community.

Philipp Boening
Global Marketing Manager
3M Scotchlite

April 2018: The PERFORMANCE DAYS workshops are a great way to express all your technology because it gives you an hour to explain the technology and get questions. Each year we love coming to PERFORMANCE DAYS… People are very interested in learning about your technology, test methods and different fabrics. We look forward to seeing more people and coming back in the future years!

Gregory Haggquist
Chief Technical Officer / Founder
37.5 / Cocona

November 2017: The reason why we are here at PERFORMANCE DAYS is that we can see the number of visitors – also seeing our seminar here at this show – growing…. Our mill partners and also visitors tell us that it’s easy to access this show and also to see their customers within a very short time. We look very much forward to attend this show again!

Andreas Gürtler
Head of Global Business Development
Lenzing AG

April 2017: We have been exhibiting at PERFORMANCE DAYS since the beginning because we believe the fair is absolutely a good way to meet existing customers and consolidate existing business, but also to meet new potential customers in an environment … which makes it possible to create excellent face-to- face contact with new customers.

Giorgio Cavallini
Area Manager Carvico & Jersey Lomellina
Carvico Spa

April 2016: We think this fair is quite nice, because the focus is on the product, the focus is on the fabric. So all the visitors that come here are very focused - compared to other big fairs, too many people but not focused. That's why I love PERFORMANCE DAYS.

Tony Wang
Assistant Vice President
Singtex, Taiwan

November 2016: We have been at PERFORMANCE DAYS for the last 4 years. PERFORMANCE DAYS has been an ideal setting for us where we cannot just meet our customers and build our present and future business but also have an opportunity to meet our supply chain partners, fabric mills and garment manufacturers.

Ashwin Jaju
General Manager
Drirelease, United States

April 2016: We are able to talk to designers across Europe and across the world bringing the innovation of reflectives to their design. Very exciting to be a part of this organization!

Mike Parson
Safe Reflections, USA

Exhibitor List March 2024