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Exhibitor Testimonials

November 2016: It is our second time at PERFORMANCE DAYS - we had a very nice experience here. It’s an intimate trade show, where you are not overwhelmed by the size, by the number of people. People seem to have time. It gives you a good chance to connect with existing and potential new customers. We are going to come back next year.

Frank Bruwer
Prym Fashion Asia Pacific, China

November 2016: We’ve supported the show since its early days and we’ve really seen it grow and develop as a great place for training and education for the trade. The workshops are a great way to have an in-depth conversation with our customers around some of their challenges and hopefully ways that we can help them solve those problems and develop some new business together.

Simon Whitmarsh-Knight
Invista, Switzerland

November 2016: For us it’s always a good show: you meet the big brands and the global players from the sportswear as well from workwear market - and it’s also nice to have the leading suppliers. It’s a good opportunity to meet the full supply chain of the textile industry - and so we’re happy to be on the show.

Julian Schütz
Nilit Ltd., Israel

November 2016: We have been at PERFORMANCE DAYS for the last 4 years. PERFORMANCE DAYS has been an ideal setting for us where we cannot just meet our customers and build our present and future business but also have an opportunity to meet our supply chain partners, fabric mills and garment manufacturers.

Ashwin Jaju
Drirelease, United States

April 2016: We think this fair is quite nice, because the focus is on the product, the focus is on the fabric. So all the visitors that come here are very focused - compared to other big fairs, too many people but not focused. That's why I love PERFORMANCE DAYS.

Tony Wang
Singtex, Taiwan

April 2016: It is a great oportunity to be here with the fabric community and have intimite conversations with our customers. This show, intimite by definition, it's small, it's great to sit down with folks outside the hussle of the big trade fairs which are all about beauty peagents. It's juts a great oportunity to meet folks in a really concentated setting.

Gary Smith
Polartec, USA

April 2016: PERFORMANCE DAYS enabled us to successfully introduce our eco-friendly concepts. We were able to stand out and win the Eco-Award in 2015 and with that we meet a good number of quality buyers. We enjoy returning to this show and with that we can continue to innovate.

Jeroen Muijsers
Flocus, China

April 2016: PERFORMANCE DAYS has been an excellent platform for us to present our innovations over the last 7, 8 years - and yes, we will continue getting our products here.

Peter Mügge
Thermore, Italy

April 2016: We are able to talk to designers across Europe and across the world bringing the innovation of reflectives to their design. Very exciting to be a part of this organization!

Mike Parson
Safe Reflections, USA

April 2016: We decided to come to PERFORMANCE DAYS because the situation here is very familiar and at the same time you have a professional situation. And the level of both exhibitors and the visitors is very high. So we are happy to stay here!

Massimiliano Denna
Brugnoli Spa., Italy

May 2014: PERFORMANCE DAYS is a fair where knowledge counts, where we meet designers / product developers under good conditions for all kind of brainstorming and share the best parts of future products. More global connections are running through the show, upgrading the interest to be a part of this event. It is a strong contribution to our business and will be for a long time.

Morgan Boström
3M, Europe

May 2014: The PERFORMANCE DAYS for us it the perfect fair to meet suppliers, to meet important customers and it’s a nice setting because it’s small you can work very well… so for us it’s just perfect to be here!

Haymo Strubel
Sympatex Technologies GmbH, Germany

May 2014: We especially like here the quiet and comfortable atmosphere, especially the timing is matching perfect for our customers. Why the timing is better? The schedule of our customers is getting earlier and earlier so the traditional exhibitions are far too late for our sales. So we think PERFORMANCE DAYS is a very right timing for us.

Steffen Meiler
Toray International Europe GmbH, Germany

May 2014: We are attending the PERFORMANCE DAYS for years (since November 2012), which is for us very interesting because special customers are here to make new developments for the next season. For us it is very important that customers from all around the world are coming here.

Urs Wicki
Schoeller Textil, Switzerland

May 2014: We are here at PERFORMANCE DAYS displaying our range of high performance fabrics for outdoor sports and leisure. We have attended PERFORMANCE DAYS for the past two years (since May 2013) and we found it very useful for meeting our existing customers and also presenting our fabrics to new clients.

Steve Laylock
Pertex, UK/Japan

May 2014: The start of PERFORMANCE DAYS was a decision, an idea, by Marco Weichert to have a little, concentrated exhibition for outdoor customers especially here in Germany in the right time not very close the normal or important exhibitions worldwide. We are very happy to be here, so thank you!

Enrico Banci
Pontetorto, Italy

May 2014: We have been visiting PERFORMANCE DAYS since November last year (November 2013) which we found very successful and now we’ve come back. We have been very pleased with the reception we had. We see it as a good venue and mainly we are able to make appointments with good customers. We have enjoyed it!

David Carter
Designer Textiles International, New Zealand

May 2014: It's really interesting for us to see how the show has been growing over the last years. It’s getting more and more international, more and more exhibitors are participating so it’s getting more relevant for our customers. So it’s really growing. It’s still an efficiency tool but it’s more and more becoming an acquisition and brand management tool.

Jochen Lagemann
PrimaLoft, Germany/USA

May 2014: We are here at the PERFORMANCE DAYS as we like it very much. It’s a nice, small fair and you have direct contact to your customers. It’s very international and we’re here for more than three years now and as well next year!

Martin Clauss
YKK Europe, Germany

May 2014: It is our third time here at this great show (first joined in May 2013) at PERFORMANCE DAYS. We meet lots of customers and potential customers here. So we really enjoy being here.

Jens Bjerrum
Thygesen & Birk Fabrics, Denmark

May 2014: We prefer the PERFORMANCE DAYS because we meet a lot of interesting customers here, there are very good and well-known brands visiting the show. We enjoy the atmosphere, which is calm giving us enough time and space talk with our customers, and have good meetings.

Verena Keller
Südwolle Group, Germany

May 2014: PERFORMANCE DAYS has been a fantastic fair for us-we’ve been here since the start (joined in November 2010). We meet the brand owners, we meet the producers, we meet the garment factors and we meet the trim suppliers. So all in all: fantastic fair, good organized, good show!

Gustav Lundström
ACG Accent AB, Sweden

May 2014: PERFORMANCE DAYS is the platform where we meet our clients, and where we can make contact as we offer design and trend services. We appreciate very much the really powerful and professional offer of PERFORMANCE DAYS of the lectures which are for free.

Rolf-Axel Günther & Nora Kühner
IDEAS, Switzerland

May 2014: We are here since quite a while, from the second PERFORMANCY DAYS show on already. From the beginning on, we had a very good feeling with this kind of show, because it’s absolutely unique. It’s specialized on outdoor and functional goods and the customers who come here are extremely focused. The atmosphere is relaxed but intense.

Reiner Knochel
Madeira, Germany

May 2014: We’ve been coming a few times already to PERFORMANCE DAYS and it’s been a very interetsing fair for us. There is a great attendance level, really high quality visitors, very focused type of fair, which is great for us!

Marine Chavanis
Lycra Sport, Switzerland

Visitor Testimonials

November 2016: The dates of the Performance Days fair suits our development and production schedule far better then the other fairs. I find Performance Days an excellent fair, and it has developed nicely the last years into an important meeting place for texile professionals. Performance Days is a fair you must not miss.

Thomas Moe, Head of Mountainwear
ORTOVOX Sportartikel GmbH

November 2016: Performance Days is a great show that we enjoy coming to every season as it is small, but much focused, and gives us the possibility to meet up with many vendors in a short time. The timing is also perfect and well aligned with our seasonal calendar. The presentations at the show are very good and pass on valuable information and create good opportunities for healthy discussions.

Ellen Andersen, Fabric Manager
Helly Hansen AS

November 2016: Performance days is now a “Must Visit” calendar event for the technical clothing industry! We at Blackyak value this platform as a perfect working and development tool. This informative trade fair allows our team to check colour trend's, textile and trim developments.

David Randall, European Design Director
Blackyak Co Ltd

November 2016: We found the exhibitors, products and technologies on show at Performance Days to be refined and concise, perfect for our industry. A great fair to meet suppliers, discuss capabilities and opportunitites for development.

Adele Walters, Head of Design & Product Development
ADA Pty Ltd

November 2016: Performance Days is the one outstanding platform for functional fabric. This fair allows us to interact with suppliers and customer likewise effectively and focused.

Marcel Geser, founder, co-owner
development never stops llc.

November 2016: I think Performance Days is a fantastic platform for innovative fabrics and components. I love this fair because it allows the brands to meet very specialized suppliers in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Its size is perfect to stay concentrate in a few meetings and get fruitful results.

Francesco Taboga, Senior Fabrics R&D
OberAlp S.p.a. - Italy

April 2016: Performance Days brings the important suppliers in sports textiles together on one place. The timing is perfect for sourcing regarding earlier development timelines and enables proactive interactions between brands and suppliers. Also the good atmosphere contributes to professional and effcient meetings.

René Bethmann, Head of Materials
VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

April 2016: Performance Days presents an excellent platform for Chervò because it is focused, technical and fits perfectly in the rhythm of the development of our collections

Katrin Wiechmann

April 2016: We love that show because of the very good timing, the efficient working atmosphere and as a more hardware focused company that more and more non-apparel suppliers are joining the show. Great chance to meet people, build networks and make decisions!

Jan Loschinski, Senior Product Manager

April 2016: I like the PERFORMANCE DAYS because the fair is very focused and not that big. We find a good selection of interesting suppliers for the outdoor segment. It is a good working atmosphere!

Daniela Schürmann, Teamleader Material Management
Mammut Sports Group

April 2016: It’s a perfect platform for connecting to our business partners. For Völkl Performance Wear, the Performance Days open up a perfect chance to trace the latest trend in functional fabrics and to connect with exhibitors and visitors in a very relaxed but concentrated atmosphere at the same time.

Robert Schlagenhauf, Division Manager Völkl Apparel and Accessories
Völkl Sports GmbH & Co. KG

Exhibitor List April 2017

Mectex - Manifatture Italiane Scudieri SRL
Hung's Fortune Int. Co., Ltd.
Evertex Fabrinology Ltd.
Sportwear Argentona S.A.
Long Advance Int. Co., Ltd.
Sealon Co., Ltd.