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We develop sustainable and innovative chemical solutions for the industry.

Our products can be applied in the most diverse segments, such as textiles, polymers and others!

With products developed with the purpose to achieve the real demand of each company, we contribute to the success of our customers in two different ways: by our technical differentials and velocity to solve their challenges.

We aim to guarantee the health and well-being of the final consumer. We believe in keeping it simple! TNS's solutions do not modify the materials' production process.

TNS offers its customers the reliability and security of the OEKO-TEX Standart 100® seal. OEKO-TEX® safety for biologically active chemical assets involves environmental and toxicological issues. TNS sought the widest range of authorized applications for its additive, covering all categories described by the organization: from decorative fabric, to those for intimate skin contact - from babies to adults.

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

Encapsulation of fragrances and functional active ingredients

Focusing on sustainability and conscious consumerism, TNS capsules are made of natural polymers. They are free of formaldehyde and microplastics, and it is possible to add special features to different formulations.

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