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Producer of Ventile®, worlds most effective, natural, all-weather cotton textile.

Produced in Switzerland to exacting standards, Ventile® is the world’s most effective, breathable, all weather natural fabric. Ventile fabric was originally developed by scientists at the Shirley Institute, Manchester, England in 1943.

Ventile® fabric is 100% cotton and utilises the finest, extra-long staple fibres, only found in the top 2% of the world's cotton crop. After gentle spinning and doubling, the yarn is woven into a very dense weave creating a premium end product. Designed to achieve the best possible balance of performance and comfort, Ventile® is highly water resistant due to the unique performance characteristics of the fabric. When it comes into contact with water, the densely woven fibres swell, closing the weave tight enough to stop water penetration. Historically, it has been used in garments intended for military forces and explorers worldwide.

Today, Ventile® is used by some of the most prestigious and successful brands in the industry and is committed to marrying social and environmental awareness with beautiful, well-made, and performance-driven clothing that lasts a lifetime.

In 2018, Ventile launched its first-ever recycled fabric made from 100% recycled cotton fibers. On the back of customer interest, the brand expanded its sustainable offering which now includes a hemp blend fabric, a linen-blend fabric, and a lyocell fabric. For 2020, Ventile has set its sights on global expansion, earmarking Australia as a market of interest.

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