Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd.

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3.5 KM, Raiwind- Manga Rd, Raiwind
54600 Lahore Punjab

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Company profile

Sapphire is one of the largest textile groups based out of Pakistan. Owning a complete textile supply chain starting from spinning till garments; enabling us to navigate the current disruptive business environment with confidence. Sapphire Finishing Mills, an integral part of Sapphire group, is the largest fabric processing house in this region with 6 million meters per month capacity. We are catering to the business needs of casual wear, work wear & outdoor market segments. State of the art hardware coupled with highly qualified technicians and global presence are some of the key strengths our business partners rely on.
Sustainability and innovation are integral to our offerings. We work thoroughly with our development partners to come up with reliable solutions for apparel industry in a wide range of products and end uses.

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The Loop digital booth

Portland booth 415

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Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

3 products


Weight: 250 g/m²

Composition: 39% rec. PES, 3% rec. EA, 58% REFIBRA®

W-0847-F W-0847-F

Weight: 335 g/m²

Composition: 20% CO, 80% rec. PES

W-0733-A-17 W-0733-A-17

Weight: 285 g/m²

Composition: 5% EA, 21% org. CO, 74% rec. PES

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

9 products

A-0096-F-37 A-0096-F-37

Weight: 195 g/m²

Composition: 100% CO


Weight: 250 g/m²

Composition: 56% CO, 3% EA, 4% LYCRA®, 37% PA


Weight: 240 g/m²

Composition: 70% CO, 30% HA

Carnot F-0315-F

Weight: 280 g/m²

Composition: 52% CO, 48% LYCRA®

ARA W-0736-F-22

Weight: 195 g/m²

Composition: 61% CO, 2% EA, 37% PA


Weight: 260 g/m²

Composition: 85% CO, 5% LYCRA®, 10% PES

DIRAN W-0694-F-22

Weight: 270 g/m²

Composition: 73% CO, 3% EA, 24% PA

Muscle Flex W-0742-F

Weight: 320 g/m²

Composition: 73% CO, 2% EA, 25% PA

GULMIT F-0296-P-22

Weight: 365 g/m²

Composition: 94% CO, 2% EA, 4% PES

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