Radici Yarn Spa

Munich booth K17


Via Provinciale 1125
24020 Villa D'Ogna

Production in:

Germany, Italy, Romania




Company profile

With approximately 3,000 employees, sales revenue of EUR 1,508 million in 2021 and a network of production and sales sites located throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia, RadiciGroup is one of the world’s leading producers of a wide range of chemical intermediates, polyamide polymers, high performance engineering polymers and advanced textile solutions, including nylon yarn, polyester yarn, yarn made from recovered and bio-source materials, nonwovens and personal protective equipment for the healthcare and industrial fields. These products are the result of the Group’s outstanding chemical expertise and vertically integrated polyamide production chain and have been developed for use in a variety of industrial sectors, such as: automotive–electrical and electronics–consumer goods-apparel–furnishings–construction–household appliances–sports. The basis of the Group’s strategy is a strong focus on innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability.


Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Oekotex Standard 100 Vegan

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

3 products

Renycle® 1

Composition: 100% rec. PA

Radilon® Solution 1

Composition: 20% EA, 80% PA

coated Renycle® 2

Composition: 100% rec. PA

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

11 products


Composition: 64% biob.Nylon, 30% biob.Polye, 100% PLA

Radilon® Solution 1

Composition: 20% EA, 80% PA

Woven Renycle® 2

Composition: 100% rec. PA

Woven Renycle® dark 3

Composition: 100% rec. PA

Knitted Repetable® 4

Composition: 20% EA, 80% rec. PES

Renycle® lining 3

Composition: 100% rec. PA

knitted Repetable® 6

Composition: 20% EA, 80% rec. PES


Composition: 100% PES


Composition: 100% PA

Biofeel® PET 5

Composition: 100% biob.Polye

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