Industrias Ponsa, SA


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08243 Manresa

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China, Romania, Spain




Company profile

one more step to sustainability

Industrias Ponsa, SA was founded in 1828, having 5 manufacturing and distribution plants all over the world (3 of them in Europe). Our products are present in 120 countries.
The core Business
• Yarn: Polypropylene fiber is the organic synthetic fiber, since it is the only one that begins as a byproduct and is classified within the Higgs Index as one of the most sustainable fibers there is. Since 1972 we produce our own polypropylene yarns, our main products for this show are: PP recycled, pp biodegradable, PP compostable, Cotton-Coslan, Polyester Recycled.
• Tapes: We manufacture textile webbings using latest generation green fibers (UHMPE, aramidas, recycled, bidegradable, etc), jacquards, elastic with several finishing as: anti odor, flare retardant, anti bacterials, etc..
Guarantee: Our Quality is certified by ISO 9001and ISO 14000, and also the highest level of Oeko-Tex certification.
SUSTAINABILITY: We offer the possibility to recycle our product at the end of its life.

Exhibitor List December 2020

Protect Accessory Co., Ltd.
Bodo Jagdberg GmbH
Evertex Fabrinology Ltd.
Crowning Technical Textile Co., Ltd.
Industrias Ponsa, SA