Nyguard (2A Spa)

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Production in:

China, Italy




Company profile

We were born among zippers. We have been producing this incredible and fascinating product since the thirties of the past century. Quite a long time, isn’t it?
We used to produce all kinds of zips, such as coil, metal and injected ones.
But in recent years we took a foolish decision: JUST NYGUARD! The most original, unique, eclectic, flexible, fashionable, functional and above all sustainable zipper available in the market.
Our production plants are located in Italy and in China for offering the best door to door service along with the least logistic related complications and emissions.


Global Recycle Standard (GRS)

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

15 products

Product portfolio presented by the supplier


Making the most of NYGUARD production process we created Ny2Life. A zipper completely made of one single sustainable material and designed to be recycled, and recycled, and recycled, and recycled......

4 products

10 products

NyGuard Reflective Thread 12

Composition: 30% rec. PA, 50% rec. PES

NyShield Self Sanitizing 13

Composition: 30% rec. PA, 50% rec. PES

NyGuard Contrast 7

Composition: 30% rec. PA, 50% rec. PES

NyGuard Shiny 9

Composition: 30% rec. PA, 50% rec. PES

NySeal IPX7 Waterproof 6

Composition: 50% rec. PES

NyFire Flame Retardant 10

Composition: 20% PA, 50% PES

NyXtreme Imperishable 11

Composition: 20% PA, 60% Aramidic

NySign Reflective

Composition: 20% PES, 50% rec. PES

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