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Since 1916 we select and process top quality down and feathers respecting the environment and wildlife. Thanks to our hundred-year-old experience we produce all kinds of filling materials with a particular attention to the environment and to the sustainability of our products.


Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Oekotex Standard 100

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

3 products

P.U.R.E. Recycled Down FP 750+ White - GRS

Composition: 100% Recycycled Down & Feathers

White FlowerDown - GRS

Composition: 70% Recycled Down & Feathers

Flower Down FDBK2085US

Composition: 100% Mix Down and Kapok

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

7 products

P.U.R.E. Recycled Down FP 750+ Grey - GRS

Composition: 100% Recycled Down & Feathers

Grey Flower Down - GRS

Composition: 70% Recycled Down & Feathers

P.U.R.E. Recycled Down PBR85US

Composition: 100% White Recycled Down

Snow White Duck Down PABPW90US

Composition: 100% Pure White Duck Down

Grey Country Duck PAG90US

Composition: 100% Grey Duck Down

Pure White Goose Down POBPW90US

Composition: 100% Pure White Goose Down

Grey Goose Down POG90US

Composition: 100% Grey Goose Down

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