Liou Long Tai Textile Factory Co., Ltd.


4F-1 No.204, Sec.1 Fu Shing South Road
10666 Taipei

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Company profile

Since 1893 (during the Ching Dynasty and the Japanese rule of Taiwan), Liou Long Tai has been very successful. It is the oldest textile factory in Taiwan's textile industry.

Liou Long Tai is a major international apparel woven fabrics provider, serving the leading brand names worldwide.

Liou Long Tai supplys woven fabrics; Our major products include 100% cotton, C/T, C/N, 100% special Polyster and stretch fabrics as well as various finishings such as Suede finishing, Mole-Skin finishing, water-proof and oil wax coating, or functional finishings on fabrics. Our specialty is the unique hand feel on all of our innovative finished products.

Our products are predominantly in outerwear, trousers' fabrics.

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

35 products

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