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Why should you choose Lanificio Becagli’s products?

In a few words, we are pioneers of sustainable and conscious fashion!

Lanificio Becagli produces and offers to their clients revolutionary fabrics, all designed and manufactured with a thought to the “zero waste” and “circular economy” philosophies.

We are partner with most sustainable brands on the market: we have managed to reduce the use of new/virgin natural resources by 90%, replacing them with recycled yarns, most of which derives from post-consumer wool, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Lanificio Becagli is also strongly engaged to preserve the ecosystem: we treat our residual waste water internally and we are able to reduce by more than 50% our CO2 emission thanks to the use of photovoltaic system

All our employees are proud of their work and of the products they develop; we care of social as much as environmental sustainability.

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