Jia Meir Industrial Co., Ltd.


No.42-18 Tianxin, 5th Neighborhood, Yuanli Township,
35866 Miaoli County

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JIAMEIR is an apparel & footwear trim supplier for famous worldwide brands that started in 1997. We have printing, lamination, cutting... and so on processes, transforming TPU or PU into heat transfer logo, puller, badge, and most trim familiar.
Nowadays, green life is essential all around the world. We keep increasing our sustainable and eco-friendly products to reduce pollution in the apparel industry. We take care of employees right, we donate and holding events for Social Welfare Organization every year.
Cause, whatever you take from society; use them for society.
JIAMEIR is not just a supplier, we protrude the best quality for every customer, we believe "Glory your brand, trim is the way.

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