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2nd Floor No. 54 Sec 2. Zhong Cheng Rd
11147 Taipei

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China, Taiwan




Company profile

JJ Corporation was founded in 1990 in Taiwan. With more than two decades of experience in the global fabrics industry, we are a well-established trading company specializing in both knits and woven functional fabrics for performance, outdoor and hunting wear.
Throughout the years, we have established strong partnerships with our manufacturers and created a stable supply chain that allows us to deliver quality products in a flexible timeframe. With a professional research and development team, we also provide a wide array of customization solutions.

“PROACTIVE - EFFECTIVE – INNOVATIVE – COMPETITIVE” are the core components of JJ Corporation’s mission. Our mission is to ensure our fabrics meet the highest possible quality standards and to dedicate ourselves in providing the most effective solutions for our customers.
Our proactive approach allows us to quickly adapt and meet the demands of this fast-changing market. We believe investing in sustainable and innovative fabric technology is the engine of our growth and the future of the fabrics market.

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52 products

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