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ISKO presents Arquas™ 6.0, the ultimate platform for woven technologies, breaking new ground in performance wear.

Featuring 35 fabrics, most of which are made with certified recycled materials, Arquas™ 6.0 combines high-performance properties with ISKO’s Responsible Innovation™ approach.

The collection is woven, ensuring superior durability and greater recovery, although featuring the look and feel of knitted fabrics.

Arquas™ 6.0 relies on patented concepts and technologies, such as 4-way-stretch ISKO Blue Skin™, and comes with a range of properties among which stand out moisture management, UV and wind protection, heat retention, water and stain repellency.

The fabrics match perfectly different lifestyle activities, such as the Active, Outdoor and Club Sports segments.
ACTIVE: ideal for a wide range of sports from yoga to fitness to running. Whether participating in high- or low-impact activities, these fabrics perfectly fulfill the technical requirements of athleisure and performance-wear apparel.

OUTDOOR: fabrics that stand for superior comfort, durability, water repellency and breathability, protecting the wearer from the elements of nature in any kind of setting.

CLUB SPORTS: from the perfect golf swing to a wild horse ride, essential features such as maximum flexibility, fit and performance make these the ultimate textile concepts for the sportswear market.

Get ready to bend the rules with Arquas™ 6.0.

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