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Our company regards design emotion as important.
Rather than simply making products, we value the process of communication with our business partners about the style and concept to produce the best results.

We strive to acquire a variety of things to find harmony and master what we have learned.

In this process, we have come to learn that the small details make a big difference in the final outcome. The focus of our company is finding harmony so we always strive to do our best and continue to develop.

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What do you see first when you find a cloth on a hanger? We think definitely inner label No matter how fancy the surface is, the label is an important point that stands out from the others. Now a day, for brand, label is not only a mark of the size, but also pride of the brand. So we also make more perfect outline without stain. To be more superb we are now 24/7 developing.

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Basic Logo

Heat transfer, is a great option for customers who want to brand their clothing more effectively and variously. Silicone Heat transfer are best on all types of t-shirt like cotton, polyester etc. Various colors and designs can be printed for heat transfer. The production line is always eco-friendly and has a glossy and matte effect.

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Graphic Transfer (Embroidery)

As you can see our embroidery graphic, This is the most tremendous graphic item. it cannot be more perfect even though comparing with real embroidery.

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Graphic Transfer (Metallic)

When it comes to the Metal, We concentrate smooth line and tiny halftone so that can’t take your eyes off. Neat outline will prove the Perfectibility.

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Graphic Transfer (Melange)

We’re always trying to be more realistic with material. This melange could see it just Fabric, however it isn’t. The one of the top merit of our transfer is that clean outline without white stain such as glue or color.

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Graphic Transfer (Embossed)

Very Soft and good hand feel, super elastic and flexible, non-sticky surface, high temperature resistance. It can adjust in height according to each color to make High density, surface pattern, reflective, special effect pigment etc

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Transparency Transfer

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