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Taiwan • Vietnam

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Bags & Tents • Outdoor • Water Sports


Bluesign Global Recycle Standard (GRS)

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

14 products

Carbon Capture 2L DP2049-A8L6

Weight: 140 g/m²

Composition: 45% rec. PES, 55% Bio3-PET

Biodegradable Nylon 2L DN1527-A8LC

Weight: 144 g/m²

Composition: 100% Biodegradable Nylon

Carbon Capture 2L DP2053-A8LR

Weight: 119 g/m²

Composition: 100% Bio3-PET

HyperMove DN1580-PD-1

Weight: 179 g/m²

Composition: 61% rec. PA, 20% rec. EA, 10% Graphene Poly

Weather Shield DN1553-K2AUC-1

Weight: 73 g/m²

Composition: 100% rec. PA

Recycled Dobby DP1991-A8LR

Weight: 151 g/m²

Composition: 100% rec. PES

Light-Weight 2-Layer DP1993-A8LR

Weight: 110 g/m²

Composition: 100% rec. PES

Jacquard Knit DK3781-W

Weight: 121 g/m²

Composition: 100% rec. PES


Weight: 356 g/m²

Composition: 92% rec. PES, 8% Recycled PET


Weight: 137 g/m²

Composition: 68% rec. PA, 32% PA


Weight: 74 g/m²

Composition: 100% rec. PES


Weight: 180 g/m²

Composition: 100% Solution Dyed PES


Weight: 243 g/m²

Composition: 36% TENCEL™ Ly, 64% Recycl. PES


Weight: 158 g/m²

Composition: 87% PES, 13% EA

Product portfolio presented by the supplier


HyperMOVE. With excellent fabric stretch ability, "HyperMOVE" fabrics allow you to bend and twist with unrestricted freedom during all kinds of movement.

4 products

HyperMove DK3858-PD

Weight: 168 g/m²

Composition: 55% PES, 45% PP

HyperMove DK3862-D4

Weight: 498 g/m²

Composition: 16% EA, 84% PES

HyperMove DK3860-PD

Weight: 138 g/m²

Composition: 60% PES, 20% WV, 20% Graphene

HyperMove DP1923-A8D4

Weight: 215 g/m²

Composition: 10% EA, 90% PES


WeatherSHIELD. Owning high technical and functional membrane, "WeatherSHIELD" fabrics provide brilliant water-proof and permeability, leading a comfortable wearing experience against all severe weather condition

3 products

Weather shield DP2049-A8L6

Weight: 140 g/m²

Composition: 51% biob.PES, 49% rec. PES

Weather shield DN1523-A8LC

Weight: 94 g/m²

Composition: 100% PA

Weather shield DP2028-A8N9B2

Weight: 128 g/m²

Composition: 100% PES


Eco-Friendly. Sustainable fabrics for the most eco-friendly fashion.

2 products

Weather shield DN1553-K2AUC

Weight: 73 g/m²

Composition: 100% PA

Eco-Friendly DP2124-A9R

Weight: 137 g/m²

Composition: 100% rec. PES



Production in

Taiwan • Vietnam

Bluesign Global Recycle Standard (GRS)
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Fluorocarbon-Free Repellant Recycled
Company profile

Founded in 2006, Domiles is known for our expertise in designing signature fabrics/garments for top name-brands. We produce not only the quality fabric for fashion/sports and outdoor-wear apparel but also extends our services to the end of finished garments. We're a Bluesign system partner, which not only guarantees that the final textile product meets the most stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide, but also ensures that the environmental conscious buyers are getting sustainable products.


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