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Bluesign Oekotex Standard 100

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Gloves and Palms

EIT Palm Technology by Elastic Interface® delivers the first ever three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm to be developed for cycling gloves, and takes the protection and comfort of your hands on the handlebars to a whole new level. Elastic Interface® developed the EIT Palm Technology with support from the University of Padua Department of Biomedical Sciences, and its construction is patented. This innovation has enabled the EIT palm to become a revolutionary detail that transforms how we experience hand-to-bar comfort when riding a bike; the “chamois for your hand” adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand, improves blood flow, and dramatically reduces soreness in the ulnar nerve- so no more tingling fingers.

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Seamless, multi-densities PALM

Composition: 5% EA, 7% PA, 8% PES, 80% PU

Cycling Pads

Elastic Interface® takes pride in our dedication to constantly evolving the way we define cycling protection. It is our attitude and what we consider innate to who we are. When we first introduced the elastic chamois it revolutionized a world of pads made of suede leather. And over the years, we stayed true to our commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies in innovating cyclist protection and performance in the saddle. As the pioneer in using 3D printing in the making of cycling pads, we unpacked the research, science, and process behind the use of technology. Our process allowed us to create foam inserts that are specifically designed to bring more comfort and protection based on cyclists’ anatomical structure and different type of terrain.

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Endurance Sirio N3X

Composition: 10% PU, 20% rec. PA, 7% rec. PES, 3% rec. EA, 60% bio based materials

3D Printing Technology

In the recent Eurobike 2022, we introduced 3D printing in cycling padding inserts with the Elastic Interface® N3X technology. The product and all the research around it aim not just to guarantee the performance of the cyclist but to also find a solution to produce them with zero production waste. By going beyond the available technology in the market, we were able to engineer and patent a new way of production.

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Composition: 10% PU, 20% rec. PA, 7% rec. PES, 3% rec. EA, 60% bio based materials

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