Craftevo / V&A Japan Corp.


6F, Kyomachibori Square, 1-8-33, Kyomachibori, Nishi-Ku
550-0003 Osaka

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Company profile

V&A Japan Corporation / CRAFTEVO is a textile converter located in Osaka, Japan.
Working in close cooperation with weavers and mills within Japan, we provide innovative and high-quality fabrics and responsively manage delivery at competitive prices.
We are very conscious about our invaluable environment and surroundings and continuously strive to switch to more eco-friendly chemicals in all parts of the production process to minimize the impact on the environment and humans.
Our commitment to an environmentally conscious production process began in 2014, when we became an official system partner of bluesign®.
Current focuses of our company include plant(bio)-based nylon, recycled polyester/nylon (7d~10d), mono-component fabrics, solvent management, and biodegradable/compostable fabrics.


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