37.5 Cocona, Inc.


5480 Valmont Road, Suite 300
80301 Boulder, CO
United States

Production in:

China, El Salvador, France, India, South Korea, Mauritius, Peru, Portugal, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States




Company profile

37.5® Technology materials are used in outdoor gear, sports apparel, designer clothing, workwear, police and military uniforms, footwear and sleep systems designed to manage and maintain our optimal core temperature. It was created by Cocona Inc., a world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of active particle technologies. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Exhibitor List December 2020

Designer Textiles Int.
Taiwan Textile Federation
Apex Zhejiang Textile Co., Ltd.
Fidlock GmbH
IBQ Fabrics
Seojin Textile Co., Ltd.