Chi Hsin Weaving Factory Co., Ltd.


NO.266, SEC.2, Jhong yang Rd., Wuci Dist.
43544 Taichung City

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CHI-HSIN Weaving Factory was founded in 1979, in the early development of Taiwan’s textile industry, as a family business which produced Nylon lining.
In the Interim in order to improve production efficiency and fabric quality, we started importing power looms from Europe. Through the Rapier weaving machines, we were able to produce special fabrics to supply lady shoes, sports shoes and other products.
In recent years, committed to provide best quality, we have gradually replaced the old machines, and invested in European advanced textile equipment year after year. Also through the ISO9001:2000 international certification, a consistent inspection practice was adapted from strict selection of raw materials, warping, all the way to weaving. Along with the upgrade of equipment, CHI-HSIN has progressively developed from a foundry to a company that invests great amount in R&D, strives for highest quality, and is stepping toward to the international success.

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