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Brugnoli creates performing circular knit fabrics dedicated to sportswear, swimwear, lingerie and ready to wear - 100% made in Italy.
We are specialized in creating fabrics with polyamide, elastane, wool, cotton, Tencel and linen - also on demand, using proprietary technologies to boost fabric features.
Brugnoli is considered a pioneer in eco-sustainable fabrics: throughout the years we introduced more than 400 eco-sustainable solutions and also an eco-sustainable production process which has been granted a patent.
Brugnoli has achieved several certifications such as Oeko Tex Standard 100 – GRS Global Recycled Standard – RWS Responsible Wool Standard – Tessile e Salute – BCI Better Cotton Initiative – Supima – Reach - ZDHC Progressive level - LCA.


Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Oekotex Standard 100 Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

FLEXBarrier: waterproof stretch membrane

2/3 layer fabrics bonded with high performing membrane, designed with style, engineered to guarantee comfort and protection during outdoor activity, either sports or city life. Water-proof: 10000mm column water protection Water-resistant Wind proof Breathable Stretch

3 products

NyWool: Tech performing wool

An effective combination of superfine wool and technical performing polyamide. Active perfomance: breathable - quick drying-odor resistant - thermoregulator - comfortable Perfect fit: Stay in place - wrinkle free - shape retention Easy Care: Machine washable - Tumbler friendly - Quick drying - No ironing

11 products

ECO H2O: enhanced biodegradability & quick breakdown in seawater

Revolutionary fabric range reducing its impact even in seawater: not only at the very end of its life cycle but also during its whole lifespan, respecting Oceans and their Fauna and limiting impact from micro-plastics. Though polyamide is less prone than other fiber to release micro plastics in Oceans, this remains a key subject in eco-sustainability. To contribute in protecting Oceans and their fauna, Brugnoli® introduces ECO H2O the new fabric range created with the innovative polyamide Sensil® BioCare by Nilit, enhanced with a special technology that helps reduce the persistence of textile waste: IN LANDFILL: with a process that speeds up the standard time needed for polyamide degradation; IN SEA WATER: third part independent testing confirmed that the polyamide used in the new range ECO H2O by Brugnoli® has the extra-ordinary feature to breakdown significantly quicker than standard polyamide.

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B.Recycled: the very first step to reduce waste amount

Pre-consumer recycling is the very first step to reduce waste volume. The raw material is immediately recycled and reused, before becoming a waste. Reduction of waste volume: the raw material, if not recycled would be disposed and would become a waste, increasing the waste volume. Reduction of chemicals: the raw material is recycled on the spot, with no need of additional processes to bring it to its original status.

23 products

EXPLOSIVE TECHNOLOGY: Maximum Performance - Unbeatable Comfort

Our unique way of knitting to create fabrics with high muscle support and outstanding freedom of movement. Fabrics knit with Explosive Technology by Brugnoli® are the only ones scoring top levels both in muscle support and comfort, breaking down barriers between compression and comfort, reducing to the minimum your effort during training and competition.

12 products

Br4® Technology with Bio-based polyamide

Eco-sustainable patented production process: -20% water consumption | -20% CO2 emissions (compared to the same fabric created with standard polyamide). Bio-based raw material fsourced from a plant: 100% petroleum-free Sourced from a plant: 100% renewable source -25% impact on climate change (compared to standard polyamide - Source LCA Fulgar®) Safe: no harmful substances used.

11 products

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