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63741 Aschaffenburg

Production in:

China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal, Turkey




Company profile

70 years of buttons & accessories

Since it’s humble beginnings, German company BODO JAGDBERG has successfully expanded the buttons and accessories business. What started as a textile retail outlet has grown into an enterprise with a network of international sales agencies. The Passion and down-to-earth mentality that have never been lost and pervade the company and the people who work for it.

Discover BODO JAGDBERG’s green line collection and make your looks more eco-conscious. Whether buttons, closures, labels or hang tags, the varied selections leave nothing to be desired.


Oekotex Standard 100 Vegan

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

25 products SeriesSilic.Label 66585

Composition: 100% silicone

100%Hemp Paper Hangt. 66401

Composition: 100% HA

Recycled Ground Coffee

Composition: 30% biob.Polye, 25% Coffeegrounds

Bio Paper - Recycled Wheat

Composition: 50% bavarian wheat straw

Beer Paper

Composition: 20% bavarian brewer's spent grain

Cactus Leather

Composition: 80% biob.Nylon, 20% Cactus

Cactus Leather - Recycled Back

Composition: 80% biob.Nylon, 20% Cactus

Recycled Horn

Composition: 50% biob.Polye, 23% horn powder

Flower Seed Hangtag 65554

Composition: 100% Paper

Recycled Paper Hangtag 65553

Composition: 100% Paper

Recycled Wheat fiber button 65667

Composition: 70% Recycled fibers

Recycled Coffeeground Button 65713

Composition: 25% Coffeegrounds

Recycled Polyester Label 65560

Composition: 100% rec. PES

Bio Cotton Label 65608

Composition: 100% CO

Bamboo Buttons

Composition: 100% BA

Recycled Leather Label

Composition: 100% recycled Leather

Organic real Horn

Composition: 100% Horn

Eco Galvanic Tack Button

Composition: 100% metal

button horn imitation

Composition: 55% Recycl.paper

Button Eco Vl

Composition: 70% Recycl. CO

button recycled nylon

Composition: 100% rec. PA

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

20 products

Glow in the Dark Series // Rivet 65280

Composition: 100% metal

Glow in the Dark Series // D-Ring 65279

Composition: 100% metal

Glow in the Dark Series // Cord Stopper 65277

Composition: 100% metal

XXL Cord Stopper 65200

Composition: 100% metal

Rubberized Series // Cord Stopper 55660

Composition: 100% metal

Glossy Matt Eyelet 65235

Composition: 100% metal

Eco Electroplated Jeansbutton 60771

Composition: 100% Metal

Eco Electroplated Rivet 60772

Composition: 100% metal

Recycled Hemp Button // lasered 34217

Composition: 60% HA, 40% recycled filler, technical binders , dye

Recycled Hemp Button 63660

Composition: 60% HA, 40% rec. filler, technical binder & dyes

Recycled Leather Label 64109

Composition: 52% recycled leather

Cactus Leather Label

Composition: 100%% Cactus

Apple Leather Label 64516

Composition: 19% CO, 25% PES, 34% PU, 22% Apple

Bio Resin Buttons 61621

Composition: 95% Bio Resin

Bio Resin Buttons

Composition: 95% Bio Resin

Vegan Leather Label 64079

Composition: 29% CO, 71% PU

Real Corozo Pin

Composition: 10% Corozo

Real Corozo Button 64692

Composition: 100% Corozo

Real Corozo Button

Composition: 100% Corozo

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