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Company profile

BERTHEAS is a French manufacturer specialized in technical and elastic textiles. BERTHEAS gradually moved from medical/orthopedics market pure player to men’s underwear, sport, protection and military components based on a constant innovation state of mind. BERTHEAS exports 35% of its production, mainly to Europe (Germany, Italy, Netherlands…), and Brazil. Our teams are focused on improving our products, tools and processes based on a strong R&D and innovation spirit. As a result, leveraging distinctive patents, we are one of the European Leader in the elastic textile field. We guarantee the highest level of textile confidence through the selection of our materials, our suppliers and the production processes of our elastic fabrics. We mainly use polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, and elasthanne, but as well carbon and conductive wire or fireproof yarns. We are certified OEKO-TEX: CQ511/1 – Product Class 1 and CQ511/5 – Recycled Materials.


Oekotex Standard 100

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

1 product

Stretch Control A006/25 900

Composition: 8.67% EA, 91.33% rec. PA

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

21 products

Jacquard elastic band R001

Composition: 19.17% EA, 43.85% PA, 36.98% PES

Striped elastic band A116

Composition: 8.88% EA, 59.02% PA, 32.10% PES

Compact elastic fabric 6820

Composition: 10.12% EA, 47.49% PA, 36.67% PES, 5.71% PP

Elastic band with a conductive yarn M833

Composition: 42.05% EA, 16.72% PA, 33.98% PES

Pocket elastic band 6239 25

Composition: 10.30% EA, 82.31% PA, 7.39% PES

Pocket elastic band Pocket elastic band

Composition: 20% EA, 80% PA

Elastic band Support and tubular 6870 40

Composition: 11.57% EA, 49.05% PA, 39.38% PES

Elastic band strapping Elastic band strapping

Composition: 20% EA, 80% PA

Elastic jacquard sporty chic A226

Composition: 25.08% EA, 16.26% PA, 58.67% PES

Elastic band jacquard recycled A258

Composition: 6.44% EA, 53.89% PA, 39.67% PES

Elastic jacquard Band for Bras for sport A039

Composition: 7.71% EA, 68.32% PA, 23.97% PES

Wide Elastic Jacquard band for Sport A216

Composition: 8.46% EA, 67.02% PA, 24.52% PES

Micro Grip UF 5901

Composition: 10.46% EA, 89.54% PA

Elastic band with grip (loop) 6944

Composition: 11.18% EA, 88.82% PA

Elastic band - Support Z901 50

Composition: 9.82% EA, 78.55% PA, 11.64% PES

Elastic band with low elasticity 5176

Composition: 25.12% EA, 0.72% PA, 74.16% PES

Strap 3d with grip 5285 50

Composition: 9.11% EA, 82.05% PA, 8.84% PES

Jacquard Elastic Band Moisture transfer 6952 35

Composition: 11.17% EA, 31.11% PA, 32.83% PES, 24.89% PP

Elastic tape - Binding 3875

Composition: 15.87% EA, 84.13% PA

Saddlery - Leather goods 5381

Composition: 13.82% EA, 17.96% PA, 68.22% PES

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