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1535 W 139th Street
90249 Gardena, CA
United States

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Ashford present a premium, unique exhibition of high performance fabrics with real-problem solving functions that aim to align designs needs to modern consumer expectations and desires. With a strong commitment to lessen the impact of our industry on the Earth. We keep our materials Cellulosic rich, organic, or recycled and dyed in the most environmentally responsible way.


Bluesign Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Oekotex Made in Green Oekotex Standard 100 Oekotex STeP

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

2 products

Recycled Terry AH-0248L

Weight: 255 g/m²

Composition: 5% EA, 30% rec. PES, 65% CV

space dyed jersey 4-way stretch H1HA00442

Weight: 310 g/m²

Composition: 19% EA, 66% rec. PA, 15% rec. PES

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

11 products

Graphene Nylon Jersey AN-0734L

Weight: 110 g/m²

Composition: 17% EA, 83% Graphene Nylon

PalmTree Recycled Poly/Spandex Jersey LXF-T1973L

Weight: 115 g/m²

Composition: 12% EA, 88% rec. PES

Recycled Tech Terry D16100801R-H

Weight: 255 g/m²

Composition: 5% EA, 32% rec. PES, 67% CV

Recycled Pique Mesh LXF-WT1349-1

Weight: 140 g/m²

Composition: 15% EA, 85% rec. PES

Recycled Pique Mesh LXF-WT1349-1

Weight: 140 g/m²

Composition: 15% EA, 85% rec. PES

Heather RIB P8HA00203

Weight: 165 g/m²

Composition: 5% EA, 95% PES

Waffle H8SA00366-1

Weight: 250 g/m²

Composition: 4% EA, 28% rec. PES, 68% TENCEL™ Mo

Econyl Recycled Nylon/Spandex N2SA00479

Weight: 185 g/m²

Composition: 44% EA, 56% rec. PA

Sempra Polyester/Spandex Heavy Jersey P1SA00211

Weight: 290 g/m²

Composition: 13% EA, 87% rec. PES

Soft Heather Look Jersey H1HA00361

Weight: 185 g/m²

Composition: 6% EA, 75% rec. PES, 19% Modal

ColdFuze/recylced Nylon Interlock AN-0696L-1

Weight: 225 g/m²

Composition: 20% EA, 40% rec. PA, 40% ColdFuze Nylon Cooling yarn

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