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For some years now Akkotex has implemented its offer with the creation of a new commercial division, aimed at the design, development, and production of knitted fabrics that reflect the characteristics sought by our customers, customizing the articles, and in addition, to have a internal collection of fabrics for technical / sports use.The types of products range from normal Polyester and Nylon with and without elastomer, to more elaborate constructions with alternative yarns (Bioceramic, Carbon, Copper, Silver, ...), which can be combined with our treatments, which strengthen or add a plus to the characteristics of the fabric itself.
All our production is Made in Italy, with Oeko Tex® Standard certification in class II.


Oekotex Standard 100

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

3 products


Weight: 185 g/m²

Composition: 62% WO M, 11% PA, 27% PES


Weight: 150 g/m²

Composition: 14% EA, 86% PES


Weight: 115 g/m²

Composition: 100% PES

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