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Production in:

Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey



Company profile

Responsible product labeling concepts
ACG Accent develops world-class creative product labeling concepts, with the least possible environmental impact, for demanding companies in the textile, sports and clothing industry who want to increase the value of their brand. We offer an experienced design studio with cutting-edge knowledge and production of both babel and heat transfer concepts.

With attractive labeling and packaging solutions as well as seamless global logistics and reliable environmental certificates we guarantee optimal customer benefits in all areas. As example we were the first label company in the world who became bluesign® certified and our objective is to be a market leader in all areas of product labeling.
Why ACG Accent:
One of the industry's strongest licensed sustainability profiles.
Best possible heat transfer quality; better fit and longer lasting.
Waste experience av high quality label concepts such as:
woven labels, hangtags, carelabels, packagings, zip puller



Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

62 products

HORIZON - Embroidery on wool felt 240300473

Composition: 80% WV, 20% CV

Horizon - Heat transfers (bluesign) 100020000

Composition: 100% ACG Accent recipe

HORIZON - Backpocket tag 40*138 220400098

Composition: 100% Paptic paper

HORIZON - Main Label (bluesign) 211403038

Composition: 100% rec. PES

HORIZON - Backpocket tag in jacron 220400099

Composition: 65% Paper, 25% Natural Latex

Orbit - Metallic Transfer

Composition: 100% ACG Accent recipe

Orbit - Reflective + metallic transfer

Composition: 100% ACG Accent recipe

Orbit - Fishleather patch

Composition: 25% CV, 75% Fishleahter

Orbit - GRS cert. suede patch

Composition: 100% recycl. PES

Wildberry - Recycled TPU badge

Composition: 100% TPU

Wildberry - Recycled Leather (GRS)

Composition: 100% recycled leather GRS

Wildberry - Hangtag + inserts

Composition: 100% Recycled paper

Wildberry - Real Fish Leather badge

Composition: 100% Fish leather

Wildberry - Heat Transfer (bluesign)

Composition: 100% ACG Accent recipe

New Chapter - Recycled leather puller (GRS)

Composition: 52% bonded leather

New Chapter - HD bluesign (Botanic)

Composition: 100% bluesign

New Chapter - Recycled TPU badge

Composition: 100% TPU

New Chapter - Metallic Reflective bluesign (Leaf)

Composition: 100% bluesign transfer

New Chapter Button - Recycled paper

Composition: 55% recycled paper

New Chapter - Natural Puller

Composition: 85% CO, 15% Natural rubber

New Chapter - Sleeve + cloth

Composition: 20% rec. PES, 80% CV, 65% Cellulose

New Chapter - Recycled leather puller

Composition: 52% recycled leather GRS

Push - Zippuller

Composition: 30% rec. PES, 70% natural rubber

Push - Rubber badge

Composition: 100% natural rubber

Push - Badge Appleskin

Composition: 60% Appleskin

Return To Nature - zippuller

Composition: 100% CO, 100% CV, 100% WV

Return To Nature - Natural rubber badge

Composition: 100% natural rubber

TEAL woven label

Composition: 100% PES

TEAL Hangtag with inserts

Composition: 100% FSC cert. paper

TEAL Eco cotton button

Composition: 75% CO

Sculpt HD tab - 101505266

Composition: 100% ACG Accent AB

Sculpt Logo Label - 101505261

Composition: 100% ACG Accent AB

Sculpt HD Badge - 101505263

Composition: 100% ACG Accent AB

Sculpt - 211403111

Composition: 100% PES

Sculpt Main - 211401294

Composition: 100% PES

Sculpt Badge - 211401297

Composition: 100% PES

280900118_Mistral_Kapok bag

Composition: 50% PA, 50% Kapok


Composition: 100% PVC Free


Composition: 100% PVC Free


Composition: 100% PVC Free


Composition: 95% Hemp

211401041_Mistral_Kapok label

Composition: 50% PES, 50% Kapok


Composition: 90% PES, 10% PU


Composition: 100% PES


Composition: 100% bluesign recipe

201100519 Break Apple peel badge

Composition: 10% PU, 90% Appel Peel Skin

280900101 Break t-shirt bag

Composition: 90% PES, 7% EA, 3% coffee yarn

201100520 Break receipt holder

Composition: 100% paper

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

Heat Transfer (bluesign) - ACG Accent

ACG Accent offers all varieties of heat transfer. FX Transfer’s adhesion works well on heat sensitive and stretchy sportswear garments as on rough, impregnated and treated workwear and manages all forms of wear and tear including industrial washing, enzyme washing, tumble drying and tunnel drying. Flexible FX heat transfer with amazing quality 100% sustainable We produce our PVC-free FX transfers in a climate neutral state-of-the-art factory in Sweden and the transfer is certified for bluesign®, Oeko-Tex® class 1 and flame (EN ISO 14116:2008).

2 products

Orbit - Heat transfer (ACG Accent)

Composition: 100% ACG Accent recipe

Orbit - Heat transfers (ACG Accent)

Composition: 100% ACG Accent recipe

Woven labels (recycled, bluesign)

Our woven labels and fabric labels are produced on a large scale, always using the latest technology. Our driven and experienced staff are accustomed to moving between different kinds of trends and styles; this results in pure quality in each individual tag. When working with woven labels, we have two primary goals. One is that we, through competence and technology, will create fabric labels that are tailored to suit our customers’ specific needs. The second goal is ensuring that all our woven labels, and all other fabric labels for that matter, are produced with the least possible impact on the environment. That is why we always look around for opportunities to create a cleaner production process for all our labels. And we are at the forefront. Our woven labels and other labels are made of polyester or recycled polyester with elements of kapok, organic cotton, or cellulose. The labels are adapted to your clothing quality and can, for example, be made wear-resistant and high-temperat

2 products

Patches and badges

3 products

Orbit - Sponge badge

Composition: 100% PES, 60% Polystyrene

Orbit - Fishleather patch

Composition: 10% CV, 90% Fish leather

Ribbons / Tapes

2 products

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