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Company profile

We are a company located in the north of Portugal. We benefit from Portugal’s long tradition on textile production. 2Move Garments uses a mixture of in-house production and subcontractors; our idea is letting specialists do what they do best while we ensure a best customer experience.
We are specialized in Fashion, Sportswear and Workwear. We propose the best solution to your request. We can work on relevant design solutions so you can get the most suitable and outstanding product.
Our team is always updated in all the new trends and is always willing to work it along your needs. We find in trend and performance the perfect challenge.
We control the whole process and provide our costumers a detailed weeekly status of any ongoing process.

Product portfolio presented by PERFORMANCE DAYS

2 products

Laser detail 2M2022LD

Composition: 22% LYCRA®, 78% rec. PA

Decorative stitching 2M2022DS

Composition: 22% LYCRA®, 78% rec. PA

Product portfolio presented by the supplier

Garment Producer - Fashion, Sportswear and Workwear.

4 products


Composition: 11% EA, 89% PES


Composition: 22% EA, 78% rec. PES

Singlet 2MOVSING

Composition: 11% EA, 89% PES

Jacket 2MOVJKT

Composition: 6% EA, 94% PES

2 products

Glued zipper 2M2022PZ

Composition: 50% PES, 50% rec. PES

Glued hem 2M2022GH

Composition: 100% rec. PES

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