Composition: 69% PA, 11% PU, 13% EA, 7% other

Weight: 350 g/m²

Category: Wall Special

Event: November 2017


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Schoeller Textil AG presents smart textiles of the future: Entertainment, communications, and electronics continue to have an ever-growing presence and influence on our lives, our achievements, and our sense of well-being. This ongoing trend raises the level of importance of incorporating electronic products and components into our clothing. That is the reason Schoeller develops woven and knitted fabrics that, in addition to the usual fibers, also incorporate conductive materials, components, and sensors in or on the surface of the textiles. The stretch and non-stretch textile constructions, in addition to reliable and worthwhile functionality, add real value for the wearer. This season, Schoeller is introducing a new heatable E-softshell material that can be cut to size as required. This innovative laminate is structured like a conventional softshell with corkshell TM technology, and is produced for sale by the meter. The material can also be dyed and washed. The special backing is manufactured by Eschler with conductive threads designed to enable specific heating areas or a uniform heat distribution. The heating function is powered by conventional voltages.

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