Composition: 100% PES

Category: Wall Special

Event: November 2017


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iWarm 3.0 is the perfect solution to feel comfortably warm wherever you are thanks to a carbon nanotube soft heating membrane that enables 38-53°C intelligent warming. It has a soft FPC panel with a high precision sensor to realize a constant temperature. An app combines with smart software to monitor and control temperature, while the data can be sent to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth making personalized settings and adjustments possible. This soft and washable electric heating solution is compatible with standard mobile power packs (maximum: power 7.5 Watt; e-current 1.5A; voltage: 5 V). The iWarm 3.0 panel is lightweight, thin, and soft for wearing comfort and easy handling: the controller is removable and washing more than 20 times is possible. The system only needs 10 seconds to generate the desired warmth. Various practical use scenarios have been considered such as skiing, outdoor, leisure, workwear, team sports, dog walking, and hunting.

Flying Textile Co., Ltd.

Rm. 623-632,6/F, Tongsheng Area, No.98 Bailongqiao Rd., Shengze Town Wujiang Jiangsu
215228 Suzhou

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booth I14 / hall C6

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