Loxy AS

LOXY® SEAL - 2-layer tape


Composition 100% TPU


Loxy AS

Whether it's work, sports or medtech, we provide the details and the knowledge that make products endure extreme situations - providing the smaller things that makes the larger ones reliable. Though doubtlessly Norwegian, we make sure to be where our clients are. It's a deep tradition of ours to be creative, and global presence is part of the solution. But LOXY® is still small enough to have short decision making processes. That's because people who work here actually know each other. We are also very mobile, accompanying our clients around the world, whether to solve a problem, or to plan the production. In short, we put pride in making things work. You are always invited to turn to us with questions or new ideas for materials and details that would enhance the functionality or design of your products. Together, we can make inspiring new developments take shape. A global business shaped by the elements.


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Sørliveien 72
1788 Halden

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