Global Merino

GM1754--GM Reversible Active Lightweight Doubleknit


Composition 36% WO M, 64% PES

Weight 170 g/m²


Product information

What a great approach to the production as well as for the end-of-life of the fabric – a real win-win contribution for protecting the environment and conserving resources! The California company Global Merino wins this season’s ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD. The winning fabric “GM 1754” is made from 64% polyester and 36& merino, and despite its being a blend, is categorized as biodegradable. Special polyester used in the fabric makes this possible. In addition to being made from recycled PET, it decomposes much faster than conventional polyester. The fibres are tested under the standards of ASTM D5511 for “Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials” (decomposition in the absence of oxygen). The result: the merino wool used is 26% decomposed after 149 days; over the same period, the polyester fibre from CiClO when used as a stable firbre is at 20.7% or as a filament yard already at 17.6%. Something to compare: A virgin polyester fabric will only decompose a maximum of 4% after 991 days; while a fabric made from polyester supplied by CiClO can already reach 78% degradation in that time!

Production in



790 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., #102
94960 San Anselmo
United States

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