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Composition 45% WO M, 55% Nylon Biodegradable

Weight 200 g/m²


Product information

Engineered hybrids, that is, hybrid solutions that combine multiple zones and fibers in one fabric length are the future of functional clothing. Through such hybrid engineering, sports styles are given the added value of such useful features as thermal retention, climate management, durability, lighter weight, and elasticity; and, all of these at the exact position where it is desirable to have the function. Another advantage of this fabric design is the elimination of irritating seams, which means increased comfort for the wearer. Nevertheless, to manufacture these hybrids requires much experience with jacquard production. The new fabric "ECO HYBRID" introduced by fleece specialist Pontetorto represents not only a sophisticated and highly functional jacquard hybrid with different zones – it is entirely produced with absolutely sustainable methods. The fibers used, in this case polyamide and merino wool, are both quickly degradable and environmentally friendly. The fact that merino wool is degradable is not unusual as it is a natural product. The special aspect of this concept is the polyamide fiber used exclusively by Pontetorto, which is fully degradable within three years! For so much "green" innovation, Pontetorto was selected as the winner of the ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD.

Pontetorto Spa

Since 1952, Pontetorto has been producing high quality fabrics through premium levels of expertise and innovation. The Company is the European pioneer for the development of a range of fleece fabrics named Tecnopile, the registered trademark since 1985. Today, Pontetorto produces over a thousand different articles, combining the fashion and sport divisions, and supplies them globally to a vast mid to high-end clientele. Sustainability is at the heart of the corporate philosophy, being the company highly engaged in environmental protection with a photovoltaic panel system that makes Pontetorto 95% self-sufficient in energy production.


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