Imbotex Lab Srl



Composition 50% PES, 25% PP, 25% PC

Weight 100/130


Product information

The Italian company Imbotex is well known for its high quality insulations. The latest generation is called "TWINS" and does not merely hold the warmth, it applies intelligent technology to create heat on demand. This is made possible by the two "faces" of the twin design. The patented, bonded fleece material consists of a lining made from a blend of polyacrylic and polyester that transports moisture quickly away from the skin. On the outside, hydrophobic polypropylene rapidly releases the moisture into the environment. The water vapor formed at the level of "insensible perspiration" is quickly transported to the outside and the body stays dry. During this process, the kinetic energy of the water vapor converts to heat energy and the inner lining of the garment remains pleasantly warm, even in the low temperatures of winter. "TWINS" from Imbotex was the winner of the PERFORMANCE AWARD for this intelligent solution that produces additional warmth and ensures a dry feeling.

Imbotex Lab Srl

Established in 1955, Imbotex is a leader in the field of natural materials and technology. The company is organized into two divisions: upholstery for furniture and bedding and insulations for high-performance apparel and sportswear. These sectors work together in a continuous exchange of production and know-how. With the entrepreneurial, all-female dynamics defining the company, the business strategy has focused on the production of insulations for body wellness – entirely made in Italy.


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Via Molini 26
35013 Cittadella

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