Flocus BV



Composition 72% CO, 5% EA, 23% Kapok

Weight 185 g/m²


Product information

The natural fibre kapok itself is not new to the textile industry but, as processed by the company Flocus, it is sensational. Kapok is rightly classified as a plant down and its fibres are derived from the fruit of the kapok tree. Composed of cellulose, xylan, and lignin, it is already quite special because of its natural structure. The unique kapok fibres are the lightest of the world’s natural hollow fibres. However, because of a fine wax-like coating, the kapok fibres are not easily spun. Despite this, Flocus has succeeded in producing yards made with and from kapok. This opens up new possibilities: in the future, kapok may be used not only as a cushioning material of insulation, but may also be processed as a fabric. Kapok is light, has very high insulation properties and absorbs next to no water at all.

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