J&B Int’l


Special - Biodegradable Nylon

Composition 55% PA, 45% biodegr. Nylon 66

Weight 56 g/m²


Product information

JBDR-01161 is a light weight fabric with PFC-FREE water repellent function. It can also be down proof 90/10 by construction, so it’s a prefect option for down jackets! Imagine if the whole garment is made using biodegradable materials, it can be disposed very easily. This material is a polyamide 6,6 (AmniSoul Eco) with a formulation of additives that confer the property of enhanced biodegradability. It biodegrades 86% in around 5 years when disposed of in specific landfill. (based on test method ASTM D5511) During degradation, it will be decomposed into organic matter and biogas which can be used as a new resource for the environment and making powers. This yarn is OEKO-TEX® certified. The residues of its biodegradation are basically organic compounds, they are free of heavy metals, and their non-toxicity to the environment has been proven by testing according to method / standard ASTM E1963 - Standard Guide for Conducting Terrestrial Plant Toxicity Tests.

J&B Int’l

J&B Int’l is a fabric solution provider based in Taiwan and was founded in 1999. We’re dedicated to innovating and supplying fabrics with cutting-edge performance as well as excellent quality. We’ve been thriving in textile industry for over 20 years and built up a diversified global supply chain across Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia. Not only have we worked with over 40 well-known clothing brands in the world, but we also have become a cross-field fabric supplier in snow/ski wear, boardshorts, outdoor wear, sports wear and casual wear. We truly believe that to keep innovating a more sustainable and higher-performance fabric can make the life of every human being and the world better. While thriving in business, we’re also doing our part to protect our environment by creating a more sustainable fabric solution. Lastly, we highly value our corporate social responsibility and make sure that we give back to our communities.


Production in

China, Taiwan


14F-4, No. 186, Jian-Yi Rd., Chung-Ho Dist.,
235 New Taipei City

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