Climashield® - Green Side Fabrics

Climashield® ECO 125

Insulation & Fibres

Composition 100% PES rec.

Weight 125 g/m²


Product information

We are happy to announce the introduction of a new line, which is made from 100% recycled polyester, in our continuous filament insulation range. The fibers come from 100% post consumer PET bottles. The insulation, like all our products, are finished with carbon free impregnation to repel and shed water, expediting the drying process. Our new ECO line uses also thousands of continuous strands of recycled polyester in a natural interlocking solution. The product is lofty, thermally efficient and resilient, maintaining its original shape after multiple use, washes or storage. The advantage of our insulation is durability - does not pull apart when stretched. Does not clump, shift or separate with repeated use or washings. Climashield® ECO reaches new heights in combinations of weight and thermal efficiency in 100% recycled polyester version.

Climashield® - Green Side Fabrics

Green Side based in Warsaw, Poland is on the market since 2005. We are the European office of the American brand Climashield®, which produces unique continuous filament insulation for jackets, sleeping bags and all other items where the durable warmth is needed. We also offer fabrics from proven and trusted manufacturers such as CF Weber from Germany (is a licensed manufacturer of Cordura®, which we represent in Eastern Europe) and Advance Hitech Textile from Taiwan (offers ultralight fabrics from 15 Denier through 2-, 3-L fabrics, stretch fabrics to hightenacity fabrics up to 2000 Denier).


Production in

Germany, Poland, United States


Józefa Mehoffera 75
03-118 Warsaw

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