Fieratex SA (Anezoulakis Bros SA)



Composition 11% EA, 62% Tencel, 27% Seacell

Weight 190 g/m²


Fieratex SA (Anezoulakis Bros SA)

The concept of sustainable development,in a general context, is an attempt tomerge different and growing concernsabout a list of environmental issues with alist of social and economical issues. These lists derive from the reality of the 21stcentury that shows humanity’s strongdependence on the environment, sincesociety exists within the environment andthe economy exists within society. These three interdependent aspects (society,environment and economy) form thethree pillars of sustainable development. Even though sustainable development is a widely used phrase with different meanings and different responses, for us at Fieratex, it is a useful tool that benefitsnot only the society and the environmentbut the company as well. Among other policies, we try to follow theThree R's rule for the Environment. Wehave implement certain policies and we have installed various facilities in order to Reduce potential product flaws, to Reuse products that do not meet our strict quality criteria and finally to Recycle during various operational processes.


Production in



Nea Santa
61100 Kilkis

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